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  1. head

    X To R Trans Is It Possible

    Has anyone made any progress on this? I would love to get the X tranny in my R for the woods.
  2. head

    2007 CRF250R Fork Problems

    The first couple tries bleeding it, it would come out most of the way. The last time I bled it it did not come out at all. And when I pulled it out, it would pull itself back in. Basically backwards of how it should work.
  3. My fork seals started leaking on my '07 CRF250R recently so I decided to get some new seals and replace them. Did one fork and everthing went fine, but when I turned to the other fork I ran into a problem. The inner rod will not fully extend after changing the fluid and bleeding. Like I said, the first fork went fine, but the second just doesn't want to cooperate. I've scoured the net and can't seem to find what would cause this. All help would be greatly appretiated, I would really love to be able to ride my bike over the LaborDay weekend.
  4. head

    The plastic from the bailey replica kit

    I was able to get them to send me just the shroud graphics from the white replica kit. Just give them a call. What's the worst that could happen, they say no?
  5. head

    CR250 suspension on CRF250R

    Thanks JayC, I didn't notice that on RaceTech's webiste. I checked and the springs are listed as the same dimensions (42.7x493mm front, and 66.9x64x267mm rear). I guess I'll just get these springs and see how it rides and then maybe just order some racetech springs or something in the future. As far as contacting the old owner, I bought the bike from a dealer that took it in on trade, so that may pose to be difficult Thanks for the link, but didn't catch it soon enough and someone already bought them.
  6. I just bought an '07 CRF250R and the suspension was set up for a 140 lb rider and I weigh 180 without gear. I took the rear spring off and it had a 4.4 engraved in the end, so I am assuming it is a 4.4kg spring. And from the feel of it the fork springs are soft as well. I looked at racetech's website and the ideal springrates for me are the stock ones. I know someone with the stock springs from an '05 CR250 2 smoke and was wondering if I could use those. I already got the rear spring and it seems to fit. It is still a little soft, but I figured a 5.0kg spring is better than a 4.4kg, especially when the one I need is 5.2kg. The main question I had is will the fork springs fit? Ideally I'd like to just trade a lighter rider for their stock springs and be done with it.
  7. head

    pricing on a used 250R

    I paid 4000 for a used '07.
  8. head

    XR250R to a CRF250R

    How do you think it would hold up on a 200mi weekend trip? My bother and I go to Hatfield McCoys twice a year and average about 200-250 miles a weekend. That is my biggest concern with going to a liquid cooled bike is overheating while putting through the woods. Any more thoughts on this? The other factor that has me really debating whether or not to get a race bike is the maintenance. As Honda_250f_rider put it, this is no XR. My XR has only had oill changes, airfilter cleanings, and checked the valves once in the past 3 years. I'm afraid that if I get a race bike I will be back to the schedule I had with my old bike; working on it more than I rode it.
  9. head

    XR250R to a CRF250R

    I have been debating over the past couple months whether or not to sell my 2002 XR250R to get a CRF250. I had originally wanted an X because of the lights and the kick stand, but I have since read that I can adapt lights onto the R without much effort, and get an aftermarket kick stand. I ride trails 100% of the time. I have only been on a track once, and needless to say, the XR is definately not built for that, nor am I. My main reason for wanting a new bike is weight. My XR250 weighs in at around 250lb. The 250R is 204lb!! What are your thoughts on using a 250R for trail riding? Should I be considering another bike? I love the realiabilty of all the Hondas we have owned, that why I chose the CRF.
  10. head

    ASV hotstart install

    Well you were right. I tried a couple other routes and found one that worked. These work great. Anyone that is looking to get a set of these, ASV sells factory refurbished ones on ebay for dirt cheap. My F3 Pro clutch lever with hotstart cost me $26 and it looks and works brand new.
  11. head

    ASV hotstart install

    Yeah, I tried rerouting the cable a couple different ways, but still no luck.
  12. head

    ASV hotstart install

    I just got a set of F3 ASV levers for my 2002 xr250r. I got the integrated hot-start to replace my decompression lever. Everything seems to mount up fine except the decompression cable. When I turn the bars to the left the cable gets pulled tight and opens the valve. What have those of you that have this lever do? I know the best solution would be a longer cable, but I don't even know where to start to get one.