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  1. It looks like I might be moving from the Washington DC area to Clarksville, TN (Ft. Campbell, KY), about an hour northwest of Nashville. I just wanted to start doing my research in the area and was wondering if there are any local forums or websites for locals (mx or trails would be fine). Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Look in my garage. A lot of it was a waste of money though, I'm slowly realizing now. A stock YZF can be stupid fast in the hands of a capable rider. The stuff to protect the bike is worth it though. Folding levers, radiator braces, skid plate, etc...
  3. From what I have read the Honda handles a lot better with the dual pipe setup. That would be guess for why it is so high on the list is supposedly the greatly improved handling. I'm still a Yamaha man though.
  4. I'd recommend sticking with the 250F. I've seen more than one person step up to a 450F and ride slower than on a 250F, some that just liked the 250F better, ect... Bigger isn't always better. If the bike is paid for that is another nice feature. I recommend taking that $4,000 and using it on something else, maybe a few accessories for your 250F.
  5. I wouldn't see a huge problem with using avgas. I'm actually a flight engineer on a corporate jet and we use jet use jet fuel with isn't quite the same as avgas. From my point of view I wouldn't think avgas would hurt anything. Jet fuel I'd stay away from as it is like low grade diesel with additives. When you fill up your cans with avgas I'd just make sure that they don't put any additives in it. Avgas itself doesn't have any abnormal qualities for anti-icing or anything else, but when they pump it they put the anti-icing stuff in such as prist and such. You can ask for just straight avgas which they should be able to provide. Think about all the Piper Cubs and Cessna 152 that fly at like 5,000' above sea level at the highest usually running with nothing more than 4 cylinder engine. As far as set up an how it effects the bike I'd be pretty much clueless which I guess doesn't help you at all in the end. I wish you luck in your attempts at jetting though. By the way if a plane is at 30,000' chances are it's a turbo prop (jet engine with a drive shaft and propeller) and would be burning jet fuel. Allthought I'm not 100% sure I don't think the guys running straight avgas are really flying above 15,000' or so.
  6. I thought I'd see if there are any TTer's that are military members stationed in Europe. We have a semi new club in the Ramstein, Germany area that is starting to grow and are always looking for new people to ride with.
  7. I agree with the last reply. No matter what an oil soaked packing is going to change the characteristics of the airflow thought the exhaust and I'd be willing to bet that it would take a turn for the worst. My guess is that it would compress the packing material resulting in a loss of back pressure in the exhaust.
  8. I also have had great success with the Dr. D system. I got the complete setup with head pipe. As with any exhaust I would recommend tweeking your jetting afterwards to experience the best results.
  9. I had my 04' for 2 seasons now and she is still going strong. If you do all the regular maintenace it should last for a long time.
  10. I try and use it as much as possible, if all else fails it isn't hurting anything by using it. Although depending on the situation I do find myself shifting without it. If I have time to get a finger on it safely then I'll use it, if not...oh well!
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