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  1. You will probly have better luck looking for a 100/90/12, or a 120/70/12. Michelene pilot sport, and bridgstone BT601SS.
  2. If you want more top speed, get a larger front sprocket and smaller rear spocket like 16/34
  3. Here is the sprocket you want for the rear. ESD 34 Tooth. gives you more to speed for sure. http://www.50riders.com/photopost/data/500/1226ESD_34_Tooth-med.jpg
  4. Here is the one I run on my 50 and 70. http://www.50stunt.com/engine_powertip.htm
  5. Ya get what ya pay for, free mod = ruined pipe $30 power tip = great sound, great looks, great performance, and the option to put it back to stock incase the niehbors get pissed over the noise.
  6. Throw a power tip on it, cuttin up the pipe is garbage. Makes it load, crappy sounding.
  7. I know the 50stunt power tip works!!Got um on both my bikes.
  8. Oh, yeah. I put one on my 70 and feel a difference in power all around. I do mostly stunts so I noticed the low end the most, and I run the power tip on my 108 strocker motor on my 50 and it rips!! Then when I wanna hit the skateparks, I pop the stock spark arrester back in to keep it quiet. They look cool too.
  9. Some were pissed, some thought it was cool.
  10. Check it out!! more pics from the 50stunt road trip. Don't try this at home. I got lucky, in and out quick!!
  11. I have an 04 70, and a 04 50. My 50 has the TB 108 kit and it rips!!, I am gonna put a 108 in the 70 also. The gearing on the 70 is super tall too, so I might make some larger rear sprockets for them to tighten up that gear ratio a bit.
  12. I have one and love it!
  13. I just paid 1100 for an 04 with hardly any rides on it, super clean!!
  14. Buy a honda and build it up gradually. The sikk bike is OK if you get lucky and recieve a good one, some really fall apart and some hold up. I have one and the footpeg mount keeps bending down, the rear wheel fell apart, the plastics shattered when I dropped it, and the rear brakes locked up on me, but it still starts first kick. I know of another person that has one and he has gone through 3 motors already. Sikk is good about warrentees, but you might and up wrenching on the bike more than riding it. I know another guy that has been riding one for months now with no problems except the rear wheel spokes coming loose. Luck of the draw I guess. Don't know much about the thumpstar, rode one once and hated the ergo's, they are bigger $$ also.
  15. Ohh, that is a +2 billet kickstand for a 50, bolted right up after I lifted the bike 1-1.5 inches. Here is the link http://www.50stunt.com/body_ext_kickstand.htm