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    Rekluse installed and ready go!!

    DERIK How many hours do you have on the Rekluse? I put one in my wife's bike and it was jerky initially, but once it was broke in, it was smooth as silk. Make sure your clearance is set right. Have you rechecked it? Make sure your pilot jetting is spot on. This allows you to run a slightly lower idle without stalling (especially important during break in.) I hope you get it sorted out, the Rekluse allows my wife to ride tougher terrain longer without getting tired out. I would recommend it to anyone.
  2. rockymtn403

    TT-R chain guide

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=280251&highlight=chain+guide Try this link. Scroll down for photo links. It is off a CR125-500 for current model years. I just installed one last night. The one in the picture doesn't have the upper block installed, but with some fabricated spacers, it works perfectly. This one went on my wife's bike, but I have the same brand on my bike and it has proved itself bulletproof. I've taken gouges out of mine, but have never bent it. It is also cheaper than the BBR. If you don't mind a little extra fabrication give it a try, if not, order the BBR. Thanks to the poster of the original photo for this little tip. Do a search under "chain guides" for more help.
  3. rockymtn403

    rekluse on a ttr125

    I recently bought a ttr 125l for my wife and daughter to share. The only times the girls didn't enjoy themselves was when the trails got rocky or slimy. They both just tired themselves out stalling and starting the bike. I was amazed how well the girls were doing considering we ride in the rocky mountains on hard core single track. I used to work at a shop that sold rekluse clutches and he gave me a smoking deal. The install was quick and painless. Once the rekluse had fully broken in, it was flat out awesome. I've since taken the girls on rides that they never would have attempted before. They don't tire out as quick and enjoy riding a lot more. If they do get hung up on a log or in a wet spot, no more worries about stalling, just put it in second and gently feed the throttle. If they drop it on its side they just hurry up and pick it up and don't worry stalling and starting. If arm pump and clutch hand cramps are holding you back from enjoying your ride, take a serious look at an auto clutch. If the price scares you, practice more and get yourself in shape. The autoclutch levels the field slightly in terms of riding ability and conditioning.