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  1. gbourgeau

    Looking for a 426 flywheel

    still have the Steahly?
  2. gbourgeau

    Is Stator Bad???

    Here is an odd question, I recently installed a gytr off road flywheel last week. Today I took my 450 out to the desert. shortly into the ride, I thought I was stung by a bee under my index finger as it rested on the clutch. I blew it off until a few minutes later when I got the same sensation on all my fingers as they rested on the clutch. I determined that it was an electric charge coming from the bike and shocking me. I could not determine where it came from and the only change I've made was the flywheel. Any ideas? comments? Maybe I'm nuts but I can't figure it out.It kind of makes you paranoid. Any help would be appreciated.....
  3. gbourgeau

    Coolant Overflow Tank for the YZF

    Does anyone know if you can fit a wr overflow coolant tank onto a yz and make it work? Be kinda nice to have it, I can boil mine over on some tight trails. Rather than redneck it, I'd love to have oem....