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  1. im running stock jetting and the bike rides good but im about to go up to maybe 4000 ft does anyone know if i will need to rejet what jets to use.
  2. my stock jetting works great around the sf bay area but im planning on going to the mountains up top about 4000 ft any idea what jetting changes I need if any
  3. alldave2003

    93 dr350s stalls and hard to start when hot

    have you tried the putting a tee in the overflow line the one that goes up into the frame put a tee at the carb and one line up and the other down that will stop the carb flooding when hot it fixed my problem and starts great now cold or hot
  4. i live in the bay area and plan on going to the mountains in a couple weeks ive got a 92 Suzuki dr 350 it runs great around town with the stock jetting but im afraid I might have problems at the higher elevation can anyone help with this
  5. alldave2003

    Insane vintage 2 strokes?

    i had a honda cr 490 My first dirt bike i was 30yrs old and it not only scared me but anyone who was behind me cause my buddies said it threw a constan 30' roost and many time would grab fire size logs and send them flying needless to say my buddies all got better than me out of fear. what the bike lacked in suspension it made up in power, also had a 500 but i dont think it was as fast.
  6. alldave2003

    dr350 street ablilty?

    my 92 dr 350 was hard to start but i put the t fitting on the overflow tub from the carb and have never had a problem yet, except when i was out of gas. I give the kick starter a few slow kicks then bring it to top dead center let the kick starter back up then kick just about always starts on first kick, after its warmed up i use the decopression lever and no problems
  7. alldave2003

    slopy handling in the dirt

    Ive got a 91 dr 350 with a street legal knob front and a dirt knoby on the back (not street legal) and the bike just feels really squirly in the front end and it alway has with every tire ive tried has any one else noticed. I had a honda 350 xr and a 480cr and a 500cr and never felt anything like this is it because of the enduro model or just suzuki thing
  8. alldave2003

    did you flash me?

    the bike store near me had low profile light for about 15 buck a pair (cycle gear)
  9. alldave2003

    DR 350 new turn signals don't blink !

    If one of the bulbs is bad that side wont flash did you check the bulbs? and i tried led light and they didnt work but the standard lights did
  10. alldave2003

    Dr350 7,000rpm idle ***?

    Dont forget to tee off the breather hose on the carb its helps and only check the oil after the motor is hot or you will alway end up with a low reading on the dip stick and you will add oil then after it warms up it will be over full
  11. alldave2003

    Dr 350 Jetting

    I have the same thing and mine seems to be running hot so i would like to know the same thing
  12. it happens right from the start, hasnt had a chance to get hot
  13. I have a chinesse knock off and it has disk brakes on 10' rims and i just touch the break lever or foot control and the breaks lock up front and back, The back break tends to tighten up untill the point where the wheel will not turn. I have to take a wrench and losen the bleeder up and let a couple of drops of fluid out and then the wheel will spin again for a while then tightens up again. can anyone help me out
  14. alldave2003

    Wheels for DR350.. Alternatives?

    im interested in the wheels for the 350 DR if there still avalable, i too am looking to make the change from street to dirt a little easyer and faster.