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  1. Most Hondas have really small airboxes, my CRF 450 dose and so dose the 250's
  2. what dose the meter do?
  3. look at some microfische (sp?) on a dealer website and if the part munbers are the same...
  4. ps...I may be interested in your 150 if you still have it
  5. Roadracer....I have an 04 CRF 450 R That I put Gold/Gold Excel's on w/ a Braking 320 rotor and a sumo front fender that I spent about 2500 in parts and only used a few times due to school and work...Im looking to sell it your interested (b/c your in Fla and all)...\\Let me know if you are Justin073 at mac.com If you would like I can send pics...
  6. SS lines are a must!!!! I have the 320 w/ relocator bracket and they are great...can stoppie all day long on my CRF 450, but with the rubber hoses they will fade very, very fast... Use a racind fluid and stainless lines otherwise they will boil quick
  7. To my knowledge I am not related...lol But at 35 he would be my father...Im only 21
  8. 14 - 45 here...(sumo setup)
  9. rofl...looks like your letting air into the tube...
  10. Any updates?
  11. I just put gold/gold excels and big break on my 04 CRF 450...have a lighting stator and acerbis headlight but have not tagged it yet...In orlando
  12. No one made you speed...
  13. That is sick! Where is that track @??
  14. http://bithlomotorsports.com/index.html