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  1. Thumpmeister

    Give Honda your feedback!

    Just like many of you, I mourned the passing of my beloved XR650R. Honda just released a survey on their facebook page that allows you to give feedback on what you would like to see offered. If you don't have facebook, here's the link: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B
  2. Thumpmeister

    Ford diesel vs Cummins

    This is excactly why I stopped coming to the 'Truck' section on TT; it comes down to banter back and forth on who thinks they have the best truck. I have a Dodge, it has problems. The interior is cheap, the seats are too short, and the a/c blows significantly colder on the drivers side than it does on the left. The pinion seal on the front axle is leaking, the front u-joints are going out, and I've had to replace a water pump (which was actually pretty easy). At 130K miles I'm starting to hear an injector knock, and am worried that if I don't replace the fuel filter soon, the CP3 pump will go out or I will have to replace those expensive injectors. I get 19-20 mpg unloaded at 65, 22-23 unloaded at 60. I have an 8.5" Lance camper, and when that goes in, I've gotten between 12.5 to 16.5, largely dependant upon driving habits, as early stated. My advice; talk to OWNERS of the trucks your looking at getting, check the forums (turbodieselregister.com is a great start for Dodge), do your research, and do NOT ask for advice on TT, because it will just cause discontent among the constituents of the forum. I used to come into this section all the time about 6 or 7 years ago and get all bent out of shape about the outlandish statements people would make, "How could they think that! They're so wrong..." Now its more entertaining to sit back and watch. And still, I get sucked back into the mess. I'm sure I'll get flack for this too, but its only coming from what I've seen and read on here.
  3. Thumpmeister

    CRF650X with pictures

    Thats a sweet looking ride man. I've always wondering how something like that compares to the stock piggy with revalved and resprung suspension. I was wondering how you made the airbox work, and I looked at your gallery and noticed that you made your own kind of custom intake. I also noticed you added an extra spring to the clutch lever on the engine, was there a reason for that? This pic was on here a number of years back, maybe combine your bike with this one?
  4. Thumpmeister

    XR600r Dual sport kit?

    Here man, take a read... http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/973230-project-retro-rocket/
  5. Thumpmeister

    Project "Retro Rocket"

    Update! Cleaned up the bike, added the street tires, and added the dual sport kit. The street tires are temporary so that I can get it plated, as I need them to do that. In the mean time, I'll figure out what I want to do; supermoto setup on stock hubs? Not quite sure yet. The dual sport kit is a Baja Designs one I picked up used. It took some figuring out as to how I wanted it to work, and to get all the wiring correctly, but thankfully the kit also came with a wiring diagram so that I was able to splice it into the stock harness. The downside; the stock stator doesn't quite put out enough power to power everything. I dual sported my 650R with a Tusk kit from Rockymountainmc.com, and that kit actually works much better than the Baja Designs one, mostly because with the LED signals, it uses very little power to operate. Plus, I also installed a high output stator, so power isn't nearly the issue. Looking back on both conversions, I wish I had done the Tusk conversion on the 600, mostly because the stock stator on the 600 doesn't seem to even be as potent as the stock stator on the 650R. It WORKS, but to make all the lighting work correctly, you cannot be at idle. However, I picked up the used Baja Designs kit for $50, and only had to add a tail light (WPS style, I love the factory look on the XR's), brake light switch, and a mirror perch on the left side; all the electronics were pretty much there, including battery and rectifier. Inspection will probably occur later this week, and I can't wait to get this thing out in the corners to rip it up!
  6. Thumpmeister

    5 wire reg/rect wiring

    Here you go! http://gallery.trailtech.net/media/instructions/lights/regrec/010-ELV-71.pdf
  7. Thumpmeister

    Project "Retro Rocket"

    This started a number of years ago, in fact about 14 years ago if I remember right. My dad had found this cherry condition 1986 XR600 locally, and when I say cherry, this thing has hardly had the paint worn off the frame by the footpegs, and the header paint was still all black. He picked up the bike, but since it was a little too big for him, he didn't want to keep it, so he sold it to a family friend of ours. This friend has had the bike stored in his barn for the last 14 years. He rode it occasionally for the first 4 years or so he had it, then ran the carbs out of gas, cleaned it, and put it up on a stump in his barn, where it would stay until today. He partially disassembled the bike; plastics off, airbox out, wheel off, etc., so in order for me to pick it up, I had to put part of it back together in his barn. I had to remount the tire on the rim, replace the tube, which I pinched and patched three times trying to get the tire spooned back on ... Anyway, I got the tire mounted, and rolled the bike out, to find out the front disc brake had seized too, so I had to take off the caliper to roll it out. The bike was covered in the typical dust and dirt from setting in a barn for a long time. Brought it back to my folks' place, and continued reassembly of the bike; plastics back on, dump the varnished gas, and put new stuff in. It took me a while to figure out where everything went, like a giant puzzle, but I eventually got it all back together. I pulled the bike out to start it, cycled it through a few times with the compression release, bumped past TDC, and kicked............... BOOM!!! Fired right up first kick; I was impressed. For those of you who have not had the privaledge of riding a dual-carbed XR600, it really is like no other XR600. When that secondary carb opens up, the thing just pulls. My main ride is my XR650R, which has a LOT of stuff done to it. And while the old 600 doesn't have the mid to upper end my 650R does, I would venture to say the 600 is as strong or stronger off the bottom than my 650R, and thats saying something. Plus that distinctive cam/whine sound that the old RFVC heads make has a very unique sound that the newer thumpers just do not have. Since the bike has made it through all these years without getting thrashed, I would like to keep it in stock running condition, and I don't want to subject it to the tortures of the off-road that I put my 650R through. And in my third picture, you'll also see why else I don't want to subject it to anymore thrashings. However, I do want to ride and enjoy the bike. I want to dual sport the bike, and make it into a supermoto. Washington state changed its laws about making strictly off-road bikes street legal this last January, and since then I've gone dual sporting crazy; converted two bikes so far, and about to do two more. And this old XR in supermoto trim would be a SWEET bike to carve around the hills on. Anyway, here's a few pics. Haven't cleaned it yet; wanted to get it put back together and running before I start digging into it again. I'll post some better pics after she's cleaned up... And for those who really know a rare XR item when they see it, check this out!!!!
  8. Thumpmeister

    Electric start kit

    I too was thinking that you guys were going to start reproduction of the electric start kit after opening this thread.
  9. Thumpmeister

    How to plate 2001 xr650r in washington state?

    I'm finally doing my 650R as well, and I got the Tusk kit from rockymountain as well. The kit has everything you need except the front headlight. Although, the tail light included in the kit isn't a favorite of mine, so I ordered up the parts unlimited brake light kit that goes right in place of the stock unit. The kit is 189, and seems to be pretty good, but I haven't finished putting it all together yet. I'll post some finished pics when its done.
  10. Thumpmeister

    need a new rear tire

    Like many on here, I've gone through probably close to 20 rear tires on my pig. I've had mine since new, and have not been easy on it. Liked tires: Michelin S12; great traction in the soft, kinda squirly on the rocks. However, wears and chunks pretty easily. Michelin M12; good traction in the soft, better on the rocks. Wears better than S12, but still chunks. Cheng Shin Enduro Cross SS; this tire has REALLY surprised me. Inexpensive, great traction in both soft AND hard. Great wear; lasts longer than many others. Disliked tires: Maxxis Desert IT; many guys LOVE this tire, I hated it. No matter the terrain, hard or soft, it was ALWAYS spinning. Didn't even wear, just chunked to nothing. Dunlop D756; it felt like this tire was always spinning, this one too felt like it was always sliding in the muck and soft, and spinning in the hard. One of the better wearing tires though. As I remember what others I had, I'll post.
  11. Thumpmeister

    650r clutch noise

    Mine has the exact same issue; makes a dull rotating/spinning sound when the clutch is out, but nothing when its pulled in. My bike has a LOT of hours on it, but maintenance has always been spot on, so I doubt its any bearing issue. When I replaced the clutch plates a couple years ago, I checked for shaft play, and had none. I attribute this sound to my not replacing the clutch bushing yet, so thats my guess. lLike pman said, its probably the bushing.
  12. I'm working on resurrecting a TW from the dead, and I'm beginning to see why someone let it die in the first place. I have an extra parts bike AND engine with all the parts I need, but I'm having trouble tracking down the issue. When I turn on the bike, and go to start it, it does not spark while turning over. It only sparks AFTER I release the starter button, and that is just in the residual momentum left in the engine; it usually gives one spark, and stops. I tried kickstarting it to check for spark, and no spark at all. I attached a drill to the flywheel bolt to spin the motor over to act as if I were bump starting it, still no spark. Now, if I disconnected the red and brown leads going to the stator, and I hit the starter button, it does one spark when the button is pressed, but no sparks afterword, not even like before when the starter button is released. Checked the stator with the ohm meter, and appears to be in check (checked against my dad's running TW, and has the same readings). Checked the coil as well, and had the same readings as my dad's TW. So now I'm stumped. All the aux electrical stuff works, ie lights, blinkers, brake light, etc. Anyone have any ideas???
  13. Thumpmeister

    Need help asap CLutch problem

    Did you replace any parts in the clutch? New/different housing/basket? Different pressure plate? What about the plates? If you don't have the correct number of plates in the basket, or if you don't have them in the correct order of fiber plates to metal plates, it won't disengage. Check, and double check your plate order, and if you have the correct number of plates, and check against the manual, or the online fiche.
  14. Thumpmeister

    Top 5 mods for 2006 XR650R

    I'm kind of surprised that no one has offered up one big piece of a advice; an aftermarket skidplate. I think I broke mine within the first couple rides... Here's my list: 1. Powerup Kit (preferably with a slip-on or full exhaust) 2. Baja Designs Skid Plate 3. Hand Guards (Aluminum guards with plastic brush guards) 4. Taller Bars/Risers 5. Suspension Respring/Revalve One thing I saw earlier on this thread was about the UNI filter. The UNI DOES have a frame built for it, however the frame is just that; its a frame, there is no spark arrestor/screen built into the filter, or for the filter. I try using the stock spark arrester, but the uni never fits right. The UNI filter was part of the reason I had to do a top-end on my beloved BRP. The UNI would never seal against the airbox, and that led it to sucking a bunch of sand/dust into the intake, essentially sandblasting my intake valves. The best solution I found was to use the stock screen, with an UNI STYLE filter. I run a White Bros powerfilter, but TwinAir and NoToil seem to work good too. AVOID buying the really cheap filters on ebay! They only work on STOCK bikes. I bought one of those $10 filters hoping for a cheap replacement, and when I went to ride my bike, I would give it the gas, and the bike would only rev a little bit. Later found out that the cause was a too restrictive air filter; new one I bought off ebay. So make sure you buy a good filter!
  15. Thumpmeister

    XL 250 Clutch wont disengage

    What I meant by adjusting both ends all the way out, is that when you put the cable back on, and if you pull it in and nothing happens, that tightening the cable at both ends can make a difference. I know you want to have a small amount of play, but I wanted to see if adjusting it all the way out would get it to disengage, which it didnt... I'm going to start soaking the plates tonight, and put them in tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.