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  1. I just love the Dunlop 606's I have them on my Dr 650se and have gotten my self into trouble taking the bike into sections it should not really have a bike of its size. Great on rocks, dirt and the road. Here in NY we have Rubicon style rocky trails and I have yet to get a flat or have traction problems, because of the tires.. Worth every penny,
  2. NewYork

    Here in the Ithaca area you can buy "hi test" that is non ethanol. . I can not remember where, the Old forge area or in the thousand island area, but I did find it upstate, in the all grades. You will pay 20 to 40 cents more a gallon than 87, but in my eyes it is worth it
  3. Looking for places and people to ride with....

  4. Sorry if I missed this posted some where.. heard you could remove the reed valve stopper and get a little more bang out of my motor. Is this true and will it do any damage to the reeds?
  5. almost here......

  6. Sorry did not point that out before, clutch and kick stand switches jumped out long time ago.
  7. I have a 1990 Honda NS 50 F, and after a ride in a hard rain, no spark. I have traced everything all wires front to rear, I have continuity through out. Have replace the coils and the voltage regulator as the local BS shop, which I will not name or return to said was the problem. After 3 months and over 500 dollars I still have a bike that does not run. I am looking for some where to check the CDI. What I thought from the begging. But the local hot shot mechanic say " no that can not be the reason." anybody have a company where I can send my CDI to? I can not seem to find a new one from any dealer. thanks for any help
  8. Just got a 1976 MR 175 out of an old shed the other day, pushed it out into the day light, pushed down with on the kick starter with my arm and she almost fired. So I said what the hey, gave here a kick and she fired right up. 20 year old gas and she fired right up . Just wondering if you guys know of any tips on getting her back in to so riding shape?
  9. Troy racing..1 800 755 2112 cheapest place around..
  10. you guys have to try this out fit... I was riding my Dr in 2* weather doing about 75 and I was only cold around the face. the jacket and paints set is the greatest thing... you sweat when you walk in it.
  11. what happened to him in the main? were did me place... them trials guys are crazier than the big air guys. they do some sick stuff....
  12. hey guys the 4 stroke puts more usable power to the ground. Most 2 stokes have way to much wheel spin. My bone stock, except for the weighted fly wheel yz 250 r, pulls right with with my buddies 04 450 f. Difference is He let the oil go low and paid 2500. to rebuild the top end. mine 125. it is all about the money the manufacturers can make. nothing else. if any of you are old enough to remember the AMA did a special on a 0 emissions 2 stroke some 25 years ago. but there again, no money to be made. And I will tell you what a stock 2 stroke is much quieter than a stock 4 stroke...
  13. It seems that NJ just learned that they have a cash cow for them selves and for their insurance company buddies. Just like NY. But get stopped with out it and it is like driving a car with out insurance and goes on your licence... it is a SCAM of the largest proportions. I hope you guys in NJ do something about it. For the guys here are basically to dam lazy to get off their duff and fight it..
  14. When I was younger I always worried about hurting the bike. Now that I am at 40 I do not care what on the bike is broken. I'll have to work some more for the parts. but as long as the things on the body are not broke then I am in good shape. All you can say is it is good he was able to get up and walk away....
  15. not sure how to send Privet messages. Yes Mt Beacon is very Rockey. good on bikes but very doable on quads. and Is there any were other than WAY up state, is there any legal riding in NY? So if you guy want PM me and I shall return your message.