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  1. HI, came acrossthe site [www.poweroffroad.co.uk is it for real cuz the prices of these bikes are great/wicked. the thing is im a scared im gonna send the cash and get stitched up and not get me money back. SO GIVE ME A MESSAGE IF ANYONES GOT ONE.(rampage pit bike extreme 125cc) thanks.
  2. Cheers Foxrider, You've got a point but on the flip side; ...is it possible that this chap struck lucky first time round (with his choice of bike) and has remained loyal??? Nevertheless, taking his testimonial for the bike away, do you rate the bike going on its spec' and other info on website?
  3. Hi, In search for the 'Daddy of all Pit Bikes' or atleast the names of serious contenders for this slot, I came across the ATOMIC SIDEWINDER. Is it up their with the likes of Thumpstar, Sikk and Xsport etc????????? You'll find the bike at: www.atomicbikes.co.uk So, what do you think? All advice/comments appreciated as I'm looking to buy soon - Cheers!!!!!
  4. Cheers Thormx, I'm looking for a buy, takeway and use sameday bike - I just not experienced enough to build one - wouldn't know where to start!
  5. Thanks Tonto!
  6. Oh, I didn't say the ages of my boys - 14, 12, 10yrs, and they have little to intermediate experience of Pit Bikes but lots of experience of dirtbike riding, jumping etc.
  7. Cheers - I live in Birmingham (Part of what's called the West Midlands). You said Thumpstar but just at of interest is there an OR?
  8. This Or A Similar Question To It Has Probaly Been Asked Before But I'm Asking It Today Because I'm Looking To Buy Over The Next Couple Of Days. I Live In The Uk And Wish To Buy My 3 Sons A Pit Bike To Share But Having Looked Around I'm Starting To Appreciate That There's Much To Choose From And Not All That Shines Is Gold! ....so Please Can You More Experienced People (inc. Those Are Speaking From Good/bad Experience) Suggest Some Makers/sellers Or Names Of Robust, Quality, Head Turning Midi Bikes? - New Out Even Better!! Cheers In Advance