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  1. will it fit on WR400?? thanks
  2. bratz

    Maxxis HT tires

    it seem most guys'gals out there are using Maxxis IT...and was wondering if anyone is using the HT and what terrain would it work on thanks
  3. Thank u for for detailed explaination...i'm currently using Total Hi-Perf SAE15w50(for motorcycles) in my bike and was just wondering whether it's safe...i guess i'll better stick with what the manual sugest...by the way a few of my friens with 600cc sportbikes are using this oil also
  4. anyone know whether its ok to use API SL motor oil?
  5. bratz

    Leaking coolant

    thanks 5valve...thats a big help...anymore advice before i start repairing over this weekend
  6. bratz

    Leaking coolant

    by the way i intend to change the seals myself and thru reading previous threads i will just need the inner/outer seal and an impeller shaft(if it's has groove).Apart from draining the coolant before i start is there anything else i should take note of??thanks again
  7. bratz

    Leaking coolant

    thanks byggd & clark4131
  8. bratz

    Leaking coolant

    Hi all, I'm just recently bought a 98' WR400 and just realized that it is leaking some coolant from a small hole near the waterpump cover.It only happen if I idle the bike maybe for a few minutes.Is this normal coz it will go away once i start riding.Please advice. Thanks in advance