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  1. I switched my '05 from the stock 742 front tire to the Maxxis SI. Much more control in the turns. The stock front was just junk. Running 100mm sag also helped.
  2. Always with protection
  3. Picked up a KTM 50 Adventurer from them a few weeks ago. Great to work with.
  4. I just had my forks and shock revalved at FC. Spent around $600 since I didn't need new springs. To be honest, I haven't been able to tell much of a difference. I run mid pack in the 30+ class. I'm a little disappointed that it hasn't been a night and day difference...
  5. Just be careful you don't drop any bolts down into your bottom end. Allot of people on here have missed timed things by one tooth when buttoning everything up. I've always used white-out to mark where the sprocket is exactly on the chain before pulling it apart. Make sure you get/do a ball hone on your cylinder and assemble dry (no oil on the cylinder walls).
  6. Where are you guys getting ahold of the RR's?
  7. Isn't it normal to get some oil on top of the head?
  8. My problem is that I never hear the chain slap, even when the MCCT is backed all the way out (at least it's not discernible over the other engine racket). So I just tightened by hand till snug, then backed it out half a turn.
  9. I agree. If you want to have Factory Connection do your work for you, PM me. I have a $25 coupon.
  10. K, I've gotten everything put back together with the new cam & piston. I wasn't paying attention when I took the decomp mech off the stock cam. Can someone tell me if I got the assembly back together correctly?
  11. I've seen allot of success stories about Factory Connection. If your size/speed requires a re-spring, you'll be looking at ~$800. I just sent mine in last week. Hopefully I'll have a ride report by this weekend.
  12. I must be missing something, but the lobes of the cam look a whole lot bigger than the hole they are supposed to go out of.
  13. Thank you. Probably a dumb question, but how do you get the snap ring off? Do you just compress it whith a pair of needle-nose?
  14. I'm putting in a RHC 187 cam and J&E 13:5:1 piston. I've done a top end before, but never removed the cam from the cradle. How do you get that thing out of there?
  15. So you coat the cam lobes with Red Line?