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  1. liloldbie

    CR85 Suspension Mod is Complete!!!

    Sorry, I should do a search. It's a bit early in the morning and I'm not really the morning person. Thanks for all the help you have given, though. It's very appreciated.
  2. liloldbie

    CR85 Suspension Mod is Complete!!!

    When replacing the CRF forks with the CR85 forks do you use the CR85 tripple clamp or do you keep your CRF tripple clamp?
  3. liloldbie

    YZ85/RM85/CR85B Forks

    Just wondering, do all these forks have the same dimensions as the CR85B Forks? I see everyone looking for the CR forks but won't the YZ and the RM forks work just as well with stiffer springs for the CRF150/230? I have a CRF230 and want to try the fork upgrade for track riding instead of the BBR stiffer springs and was wondering if these three different companies put the same fork on their bikes. Is there anywhere I can find out the different dimensions? Thanks