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    Women's pants

    I just bought the TROY LEE air pants the size that I normally wear and the same size that I swear I have bought through Troy lee before, and everything fits but the knee area. After putting on my cti's I could barely start my bike they were so tight. The area that every other gear maker makes bigger to account for knee braces, troy lee made smaller this year???So its either get a bigger size or start running. I started running.
  2. JR270

    gas mileage toy hauler

    Ya know thumperpucker I really hope that Kelstr doesnt respond to you and not because you are oh so brilliant, but because you are one of those people that no matter what anyone says you have to have the last word. Forums are for people to discuss opinions nicely but whether you have a valid point or not you come off as a horses rear end- Man what is this gradeschool- Your quote"What do you have????? Nothing!!!" Good god man go ride-take your aggressions out on the track and who cares drive what you like
  3. JR270

    Left at home because I'm not "hardcore"

    I would have to agree w/ bad tat. It may be true that you are not ready for 300 miles, but to only get to ride every other month. Heck if I dont ride every weekend I can feel it. I get rusty and have to get back up to speed. Plus all the physical conditionong you loose!! You will not get better at the rate you are riding. Badtat is right in that there are more and more female riders but still we are rare and there are lots of guys that will support and help you. My boyfriend wants me to excel so he is my coach, pushes me to get faster so that we can ride side by side. That would make him so happy. Now granted we ride mx and he is much faster, but he can always keep an eye on me. Out in the desert this would obviously be much harder for him to ride at his pace and still keep an eye out for you. He just needs to wait when he comes to an obstacle that he knows you might have trouble with. My point there is that there is a way to work around anything and eveything to come to a middleground in a relationship if both parties want too. If they dont move on!!!!!~