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  1. mxedman

    Big problem

    I've never seen metal shaving come out until now, the whole time I've had this bike no metal shavings ever came out till now. I posted the running symptoms in the jetting section, but I took it to my local motor shop and he is going to check it out, he said it probably sucked a valve. Because my motor was backfiring and missing real bad, and no different jetting specs i tried worked, so an intake valve probably isn't seating all the way. As for those metal shavings, they're not too big but I'm getting the whole motor checked out, hopefully its nothing serious.
  2. mxedman

    Big problem

    My bike (2005 yz250F) has been running very poorly, I thought it was jetting, and maybe it is. But now there are tiny metal shavings coming out when I drain the oil. I went throught about 7 quarts of oil, and the metal shavings keep coming out. Any idea what this could be from?
  3. mxedman

    stripped threads

    I'm not talkin about the clutch cover.
  4. mxedman

    stripped threads

    to take off that side cover, don't u have to split the cases?
  5. mxedman

    stripped threads

    I have a 2005 yz250F, and my threads are stripped where the oil filter cover bolts on. It's only the bottom bolt, but the threads go into the side of the trans, so I don't want to heli coil it to fix them. I've already tried thread chasers too and it didn't work, any ideas?
  6. mxedman

    05 yz250F problem

    I am running 93 octane, I've been told that a stock 4 stroke motor won't run any better on race gas. And I've only had the timing covers off to get TDC when i checked my valves, I didn't change anything though. I think I'm going to try adjusting the fuel screw 1/4 turn richer, and if that doesn't work then I'll go up one on the main. Thanks for ideas, keep em comin.
  7. mxedman

    05 yz250F problem

    yep, checked them all, all in spec.
  8. mxedman

    05 yz250F problem

    just checked it, looks to me like its working.
  9. I have a 2005 yz250F and I have a problem with it, hopefully someone can help. I live in Northern IL, the temp here right now is around 80-90 degrees F. its about 60 -70 percent humidity. Anyway, heres my problem, when I am accelerating my bike is misfiring real bad, and has no power, and it bacfires and pops a lot on decel also. It is also really hard to start when cold. The wierd thing is though that when it was misfiring on accel, it went away after about 4-5 laps?? But it still popped and backfired on decel. but the problem keeps coming back on every ride, it is misfiring, and backfiring real bad. it just started to do this about 3 weeks ago, otherwise it ran perfect for 4 months. I have recenty cleaned and blew out all of the jets, air passages, and the whole carb, no dirt. checked my valves, those are also in spec. i am also putting amsoil ip in my gas to try and clean my system out, ive already used one tank full of gas with ip in it. i never use gas older than a week old, I also only buy the best gas i can get, BP, Shell, Mobile. Citgo and other lower end gas stations that are cheaper don't have the cleaning detergents needed, thats why they are cheaper. Maybe its the jetting? any suggestions on what I should do?? hopefully i can have this fixed by this weekend.