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  1. caverJR

    PaxTrax 6/17 or 6/18 (DonO)

    I'll go on Sunday (10-5). Let me know if anybody wants to truckpool as I live in Melbourne. -JR-
  2. caverJR

    seat mount stud

    Does anybody know what size the seat mounting stud is ( length, thread size, ...) that is used to secure the front portion of the seat to the gas tank? I read an article that recommends locktite for this bolt as it seems more than of couple people have lost it as well. Thanks, -JR-
  3. caverJR

    Pax vid

  4. I'm going to be leaving from Melbourne, FL but you probably will want to get on the turnpike by Plm Bch Gdns. I'm solo as well.
  5. caverJR

    Friday Club

    I wouldn't mind tagging along if thats OK?
  6. caverJR

    Sunday ride

    I will be riding locally in melbourne (brevard county) this sunday ( pretty much all day ) if any buddy wants to ride. Message for further details.
  7. caverJR

    First hare scrambler

    I'm going and it will be the first time I raced. I'm 35 (which means I eligible for Vet I think?) but think I will ride beginner 2 class ( unless anybody has a suggestion ). I ride a 250X and will be picking up a set of bark buster soon in case anybody has any reccomendations or is selling an old set. Hey DonO, I met you and some folks up at Bithlo a few months ago ( you gave me some tape for my chewed up ungloved hands), are you going to race? Look foward to meeting some of you up there. I don't have a number but I'm bringing some tape.
  8. caverJR

    Riding buddies

    bubbyman, PM sent
  9. caverJR

    Riding buddies

    Thanks FLboy. I would like to ride with the group out at hpaw. I'm guessing that most of the guys that have ever of Friday off work where I do. I think I've ridden with a few of the Friday club out behind SC. Anyways, I'll watch the threads and appreciate the offer. Anyone else interested in riding even behind SC, feel free to PM me. Thanks. -JR-
  10. caverJR

    Riding buddies

    I live in Melbourne, FL and am looking for riding buddies. I enjoy riding trails and MX. I'm willing to travel and usually ride every weekend. Thanks.
  11. caverJR

    06 Crf250x

    Pretty good first post for me, huh. I was thinking, how can I sound like a big ass and the rest is history. Seriously, I do have a 2006 250X. I saw you question and the valves and I have no idea as I am not much of a wrench. Oh yeah, I not much on docs as I have no insurance. How are the waves up in CT? Happy trails bro.
  12. caverJR

    06 Crf250x

    This is a serious post. I am wondering why there are all the post about when the 2006 CRF 250X is supposed to be available? Is this a joke? I have been riding one for two weeks now and am joe nobody. I am new to this forum and I have ridden with two people who post on here so please don't flame me as this is not bullshit. In addition, I have kick a few of the UCF's top welterweights asses so if you flame me and I meet you, I might jack you up worse than any triple you have hit. Please let me know if you have any serious questions I can answer? Thanks.