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  1. My cousin and I are going to Brushy on Friday, hoping for a good crowd.
  2. I was thinking about suspension, any tips for mainly woods and a little motocross??
  3. I've rode Lakeside a few times and went by Iron City on my way home from Brushy on sunday, it looked pretty good and they were having a race with bikes and quads. I mainly ride woods but I like the tracks at D-town and Brushy is alright.
  4. I'll be there with my cousin, kx250f and a crf250r. My 1st time there if we can find it from spartanburg, sc.
  5. 05 w/ 8oz flywheel, I was thinking of getting the powernow, the boyessen accellerator pump or the water pump w/ cover next. the flywheel really helped alot, i can almost fall to idle in tight turns and get right back on the gas without worrying about it stalling.
  6. i have some of the knee/shin guard combo and now that I ride with them I don't like to ride without them. I would definately say get some, they'll save you alot of pain.
  7. I have left my gearing stock, but added a flywheel weight for the low rpm stall, It helped alot.
  8. I get alot of stuff from Rocky Mountain, good service and great prices!
  9. I traded my 99 kx 125 for a 05 250F and absolutly love to ride the thing! You'll love the Kawi!!
  10. are the 06 brake rotors any better than the 05, and will the 06's fit the 05??
  11. I have an 05, they should be available soon, call steahly to see if they have some already?? It helps the low rpm stalling and it actually helps starting a little, I could not tell about the traction since I've rode once with it and it was very muddy, but its supposed to help that also. But overall a great mod!!
  12. A-stars, nothing else compares!
  13. There is K-bar in Gaffney, SC. They have alot of trails and a small track, it was very muddy and wet the last few times I went.
  14. That's all I really ride is woods and occasionally motocross and I have had no problems, my bike is stock except for 8oz flywheel weight which really helped in the woods.
  15. flywheel, I just put one and it really helped.