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    Baja Tour?

    Wow... from someone I assume riding in Africa thats great! Maybe if you were in a 'bivouvac' in Mexico you'd feel it was not so "hot" either. Having ridin on a push bike through africa I felt as safe as I do in Baja on a motorbike( or Central America for that matter). It doesn't matter what country you're in or what language you speak- be prudent. Baja has been a great 'second home' and I don't feel bad that people with light fingers have on the odd occasion tried to steal things. No different from States, Africa or anywhere else. I haven't done any tours in Baja either but understand whether with a tour group or on your own, whatever country, you take risk. Just keep it in perspective.
  2. Alastair

    Little Help for Baja 250 first time racers

    The coarse is easily accessible to roads so you can pit yourself or use any of the pit services available ie Baja Pits, Mag 7 Once again as everything is close to town(SF) you can easily prerun with someone meeting you with gas at furtherest away point. I wouldn't suggest carrying extra gas with you as that sucks in the whoops. You don't say how much you ride but give yourself a lot of time to prerun the coarse. Not so much to familarise yourself with coarse but to let your body get used to the beating from the pounding. Suspension (pay for it.... or pay for it later!), dampner and 18psi with ultra heavy duty tubes or mouse in front. The sport is inherently dangerous as everyone likes to point out but you wouldn't be interested otherwise- thats part of the challenge. Watch out for those rocks and not so hiddden rocks in the washes and have fun!
  3. Alastair

    XR650R No longer KING of Baja???

    No- there isn't going to be a replacement for the XR650. If you use Honda Pits better get ready with a 450 if you want wheel changes and parts. They'll be weaning out the use of 650 service just as they're weaning in the use of the 450 now. Verbatum.