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  1. Steve Pace

    Weird Sign

    I have seen similar signs around microwave towers!
  2. Steve Pace

    Cabezon dual sport ride

    If anyone is looking for a fun day ride from Albuquerque head out to Cabezon peak! take 550 north past San Ysidro to Cabezon-San Luis exit take the road till it turns to dirt you will see Cabezon peak to your left you can take dirt roads around the peak and head back on pipeline road (dirt) this will take you out to Cabezon road which is past San Ysidro on the Albuquerque side. A great ride I was on my Triumph Tiger we also had a V-Strom 650 and a KLR 650 a great day ride !!!!
  3. Steve Pace

    ACL & Miniscus Tear

    Hi thought all the info was good. I missed a pole vault pit from 17' tore my ACLU but never had surgery. I was told that as long as I could do everything I wanted not to get it fixed. So I ski Mt Bike and do every thing I want I have a really good knee brace that holds everything together. as for rehab, my degree is in exercise physiology, heres the best things up hill walking or running, leg extensions, leg curls, wall sits, and lots of stretching, flexability will keep you from re injuring your knee. most surgeries on the knee leave it as good as new! Hope this helps Take care Steve
  4. Steve Pace

    Where to ride northern NM in late November?

    Hey Mike The northern mountains usually have snow above 7000' by that time maybe around Soccorro or south 14 may be better, If I can help let me know, also there are some good trails around Madrid. Have Fun Steve
  5. Steve Pace

    interested in CRF 450

    Hey thanks for all the information it helps to check out the bike as best you can ! Thanks again Steve
  6. Steve Pace

    interested in CRF 450

    Hey thanks for the info. I got my 650L from a guy in Phoenix he had done some of the mods. it only had 900 miles on it and was babied. I have some friends who are service techs and they will help me go over any bike I'm looking at. Hey I'm 44 and have never been afraid to kick it hard! Thanks again Steve
  7. Steve Pace

    interested in CRF 450

    Hey thanks again What should I look for in a used R low hours good service any thing else? how old? Thanks Steve
  8. Steve Pace

    Great day at Cedro, NM

    Hey guys You can get the map at any Mountain bike shop I've checked out every trail on my mountain bike and only a few on my 650L. we had a great time out at the dunes south of the Correctional facility on sunday lots of trails and sand!!l
  9. Steve Pace

    interested in CRF 450

    Ok good advice, I am 6'2 200lbs very athletic ride single track and sand dunes in New Mexico and Colorado been riding only 6 months. I have a 05 650L with lots of mods I love it for extended trips like Cont Divide trail looking for something for weekend fun That help? Thanks again Steve
  10. Steve Pace

    New 'L'

    Hi from Albuquerque just got an 05 lots of mods. what part of texas are you in? also looking for riders from Albuquerque or close for trail rides. Take care Steve
  11. Steve Pace

    interested in CRF 450

    Hi I'm looking to buy a CRF 450 X or R any info would be helpful Thanks Steve
  12. Steve Pace

    New XR650L, and relatively new to this forum

    Hi there I'm originaly from Spencerport NY I just purchased my XR650L in August love it the previous owner did mods Clarke tank, skid plate, new tail light, Pro Taper bars. It only had 900 miles on it he said he didnt have time to ride! To bad. I took it to Colorado rode the Rainbow trail Great BIKE!! have fun with yours. I'm in Albuquerque now not as much snow you can ride 350 days a year!!
  13. Steve Pace

    Prefered Factory Dual Sport

    Hi there I own a 05 XR650L I'm 6'3 and 200lbs and have no problem moving it around I've road the KLR and its not as dirt worthy. I havnt ridden the DRZ but have heared good things! I have also heard its the biker not the bike! have taken some very difficult trails in NM and Colorado and its always taken me there and back easly. take care!
  14. Steve Pace

    XR650L - Buy new or used?

    Hi I found a number of used XR650L's on cycle trader.com if you look you can find many with less than 1000mi on them for a great deal. I got mine out of AZ a 2005 with 900mi a Clarke 4ga tank guards and all the stock parts fore 4,300 I was checking it out last night and there are more great deals on there Happy Biking
  15. Steve Pace

    Gas Milage

    What kind of gas milage do you get with your XR650L ? I have removed the smog system does that help or hurt.