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  1. novice_ince

    Jetting: 160 main 55 slow

    Ok guys, I found that I was able to call Sudco directly and order what I needed.
  2. novice_ince

    Jetting: 160 main 55 slow

    Ok guys, I found that I was able to call Sudco directly and order what I needed.
  3. novice_ince

    Jetting: 160 main 55 slow

    So as I have previously posted, I am slowly going through the process of upgrading a newly acquired '13 650L. So far: Snorkel out. All emissions out. Block off kit installed. FMF Q4 muffler. Stock jetting on mine was 50/152. I ran to the local Honda shop but they didn't have any 160's. So I called a buddy who works at American Honda in Torrance only to find out they don't make a 160 for this bike. What the heck! Are all of you guys getting aftermarket jets from Sudco? I'm chomping at the bit to get her back together and can't find these jets! Any direction to where I can buy would be awesome. Thanks guys!
  4. Dang that looks awesome! $130 shipped
  5. novice_ince

    Uni Pod type Air filter?

    I'm reading that a lot of fellow TTr's put on a Uni filter and some mention the uni "pod type" filter. Are you guys actually installing these filters directly onto the carb? Basically bypassing the air box all together? Thanks.
  6. That looks pretty good Rboe. Thanks for posting a pic.
  7. Have a '13 L that Is primarily for leisure use but a couple times a week I like to ride to work on it. My commute is 20 miles on the frwy. If I tuck down I get much better fuel efficiency not to mention getting beat up by the wind. Does anyone have a positive experience using the aftermarket screens I have seen out there? If so, which one do you like? They look a little goofy IMO but as I get older, practicality is more important than fashion. Thanks for reading and the input.
  8. I have recently acquired a '13 650L and am in the process off doing the standard modifications. Loosing the stock bars is on my list of "must do's" in addition to the motor mods. I searched this forum and found just one topic on bars. I've had Pro Taper "Windham bend" bars before and loved them. Was gonna go with those again on the pig. I'd love to see who has changed out their bar setups and what they look like.
  9. novice_ince

    Honda xr650l Dynojet install

    Was wondering how it turned out? After pulling the snorkel, was it a different bike?
  10. novice_ince

    jetting for FMF exhaust

    Just curious, what year is your XR Holic? I have a '13 that I'm about to go through this upgrade process.
  11. Good question. Those are items that get over looked. It is not mandatory. You really just want to make sure that the bearing in the roller is in good working order, that the chain slide is not cracked and that all the bolts and spacers are in tact and that the chain guide is not completely worn out. TM Designs makes some great replacement pieces when you are ready.
  12. novice_ince

    Compression...When does low become too low?

    Ok, so how is it that i follow these procedures and I can get about 260psi out of my eng:excuseme:
  13. novice_ince

    Compression...When does low become too low?

    And the light bulb came on! Thanks guys
  14. novice_ince

    Compression...When does low become too low?

    I was not following this procedure when i tested. I simply kicked it over several times BUT zero-ing out the gauge each time i kicked. Am i supposed to kick several times without zero-ing out the gauge. It definitely builds more pressure that way. And why is "throttle wide open" the best way to do it?... Thanks a bunch fellers:thumbsup:
  15. novice_ince

    Compression...When does low become too low?

    yeah, thats what I'm thinking.