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  1. gajus

    Keihin FCR on a Husky TC 610.....?

    Thanks Dave for this very clear explanation. I see there's more to explore. Let's see how that OCEMN needle works on my husky.
  2. gajus

    Keihin FCR on a Husky TC 610.....?

    Right, online again. Couldn't get on the internet last 3 days because my provider had major troubles. The bigger my surprise when i checked TT. Very usefull info, thank you everybody. In the meantime i started the bike whit a 185 main and 50 pilot jet. It runs great compared to the old carb. Better midrange and higher revs. Also better response on the throttle and the hot start shoud be standard on every big thumper. By the way, I think it's a FCR 41 from a early honda crf 450. The spool cover has Honda on it, and the spool turns clockwise to open Guess i was lucky whit the 185 main. What's left is the fine tuning. Like Dave mentioned earlier and i heard it many times before: The needle is the key to a good adjustment. So, i 'de like to know what the other letters stand for so i can break the mysterious needle code. Thanks again and greetz from Holland.
  3. gajus

    Keihin FCR on a Husky TC 610.....?

    Well i'm just finished and that was about 23.00h. To keep the peace whit all my neighbours ( ) i decided not to start the bike. More info tommorow.
  4. But first: Hello everybody, i'm a new member but not new on this forum. I'm from Holland driving a '94 TC 610 in SM trim. I replaced the old Dellorto roundslide carb for a Keihin FCR 41 MX. After remodeling the fueltank it fits perfectly with the choke and hot-start on the handlebar. Now i'm looking for a proper jetting and needle set-up. I don't think i'm the first that ever did this and was hoping some of you gays could help me or piont in to the right direction. Thanks in advance and greetz from Holland.