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    Dives to right while braking?????

    Mine did that a little. Added a fork brace and it helped quite a bit. Switched to USD and it doesn't do it at all now.
  2. Turn the idle cable adjuster one turn in. Two full fast pumps on the throttle. Open throttle just a little bit, and hit the starter. Be ready to give it a few small pumps after it fires up-if it is real cold out.

    ECXEL rims and TALON hubs XR650L ???

    1.60x21 32H A_405 IC_405 YZ125/250 '87

    ECXEL rims and TALON hubs XR650L ???

    I know they make them for the 650L with stock or crf USD forks. Motostrano is a good place to get them.

    Exhaust tape - rust on stock headers?

    From what I've read, if you wrap the header it will lose it's ability to cool off and the header them becomes exposed to more heat that it was designed to. I did paint my header with vht high temp black before wrapping it. Here is something I came across: THE FACTS: Header wraps are designed to keep the heat in the header to improve scavenging of the cylinders. Keeping the heat in the header allows the exhaust speed to remain high. (the right idea) There are no header manufacturers that I know of that will warranty their headers if any header wraps are installed on their products. In most cases the header wrap damages the headers beyond repair. (I will explain below) If you run a lean mixture, you "may" see a slim performance gain using header wraps. A rich mixture may show slim to absolutely NO gain in performance. If you do not mind replacing your headers and header gaskets regularly, and you like that ugly look of a wrapped header, go ahead and use the heat wrap. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: In the past, almost all NASCAR and other racing engine builders used the header wraps for the added power gains. But, after having to replace the headers after each race due to the wrap being about the only thing holding the header together, they do not promote the practice any longer! They now utilize the thermal coatings that are chemically and electrically applied to the headers. Those include Airborn, Jet Hot, HPC, and others. Imagine having to replace a $1200.00 plus set of headers after each race weekend! Few but the most financially well-off race teams can afford to do this. But, it is also in the downtime for remaking a custom set of headers. Most custom header makers do not have copies readily available. I believe that the wraps are good to protect various items from heat, but not to hold the heat in the header. For example: you can use the wrapping for the protection of fuel and oil lines, wiring, etc. Cool air needs to be around the header, and insulating it with a wrap to hold exhaust heat in makes the header material temperatures near molten. When you wrap the header you trap the heat in the header, but also in the material that needs to breathe to dissipate heat for it's own survival. Engineers, Metallurgists, and other experts out there will state that there is no way that the material can fail because it can withstand, and it was designed to withstand, the internal temperatures of exhaust gases. TRUE! But, when the header is not allowed to cool so as to dissipate those extreme temperatures that the wrap is controlling, you have now developed a heat absorption that compares to thermal friction which will will continue to gain in temperature beyond the normal exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's). This is the same as with most any insulation. Try this experiment ... launder a load of bath towels and then dry them. Immediately pull them out of the dryer and just toss them in a snug pile on your bed. Now leave them there for a day and then open them. You will find that there is still a considerable amount of heat left in the center towels. This heat, even though the outer towels and bed are normal room temperature have been able to contain their heat. This is a simple thermal insulation test, but with your headers you have an internal heat supply coming from the engine. The heat on the outside portion of the header material is trapped between the warp and the header and will continue to fatigue the header. This build of heat is amplified by the wrap. Towels do not need to breathe, header material does. The EGTs stay the same but the properties of the header material changes in a way of amplifying the temperatures because of the insulation. This action goes against normal laws of thermal dynamics, but this effect is fact, and you have to pull the ears off most engineers before they believe you. This is the trouble with plenty of education, but NO "common sense"!

    Exhaust tape - rust on stock headers?

    I used the tape on my then new white brothers stainless steel big tube header. It helped alot with heat, but after 6 months in south florida they crumbled like potato chips. No more tape for me.

    XR650L Front Suspension Adjustments??

    I tried the progressive springs and did not like them because they seemed to reduce the amount of travel. Went back to the stock springs and removed the gorilla snot lube from the factory and flushed the forks with mobil1 syn atf. It is a little thicker than factory and just a little more than stock will keep it from the excessive dive. It also helped with the 70-80 wobble a bit.

    XRL Headlight Wattage

    I run a 130/90 on my XRL with the deathray setup. I would not overload your stock wiring because it travels through your switches as well. Overloading your stock wires and switches will lead to short bulb life and possible electrical damage. You only have about 180 watts from your alternator to begin with, and if you go too heavy on your headlight with stock wiring you notice it dimming with use of the blinkers, horn and brakelight. If you want a bright headlight, get a glass lense, a shiney reflector and run dedicated wiring from your battery through relays then to your headlight.

    Handlebar Riser offer for XR650L

    I have a set of their Uly specific risers on my Buell and love them. The risers bolt up nice and tight, and their customer service is second to none. Great people.

    Will a XR600 CDI box work on an XR650L?

    Hmmm Wonder what kind of curve the transalp has in it???
  11. Put the plug in the bottom. Fill it with kerosene (I would use gasoline, but it is too dangerous to tell someone else to do that). Use a brass cleaning rod for a 12 Gauge shotgun with a plastic barrel brush attached. Stick it in the fill port on top of the frame. Work it up and down like its date night! Remove drain plug, and drain in an environmentally responsible container. Replace plug and repeat process, only drain over white rag to observe deposits. Use a can of carb and choke cleaner to clean out all oil lines.

    Will a XR600 CDI box work on an XR650L?

    Sweeet job! I whould be glad to pay as well.

    Show your PIG


    Will a XR600 CDI box work on an XR650L?

    I wonder how many of these would have to sell, before an Ignition builder would build a run of them?

    XRL's can't push 70mph for 2 hrs?

    Howdy MGS, Whats hard to believe? Not everyone has a tiny tank like you. Last year I did 7000 miles on the turnpike on my XRL as it was my main transportation from west palm to homestead for the weekends. Almost all of it was over 80, and the bike did great. I still make the trips this year, but on the Buell Ulysses. I'm sure the bike may of had a problem performing in stock trim, but mine and yours are both pretty far from stock. The pumper and the big clarke tank makes the difference.