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  1. Slayer77

    I just did the YZ fork conversion...

    It's killer but I have a couple questions.. 1) Should I shorten the fork? Is the extra length too much for trail? 2) What length rear shock and spring do I need to get from Works Performance? I weigh 195 with gear. thank you, forrest
  2. Slayer77

    YZ front end conversion done. Help please.

    Right on... I will try that tomorrow dude... Thank you. Something is up... It still works killer though, just off a bit!! Thanks,Forrest
  3. Slayer77

    YZ front end conversion done. Help please.

    Thank you. I did that and it seems that the problem is still going on. Could the lower clamp be bent? The legs seem to go through fine. I don't get it. Thanks,
  4. I just finished the YZ conversion on my TTR. It seems killer but there is one huge bummer. The front end won't seem to line up. It is slightly off to one site. I have a new TAG top clamp for the OS bars and I'm using the stock bottom clamp. The fork legs seems to slide in fine through the clamps. What could be wrong? Thanks in advance
  5. Slayer77

    Did the YZ85 Forks!

    Did you use the heavier springs?
  6. Slayer77

    Which springs for YZ80 conversion??

    I just did the YZ80 front end conversion on my 2004 TTR. I put the heaviest springs in from Factory Connection and they seem to make some rubbing noise when the fork compresses. Is this normal? Should I try another spring manufacturer? Thanks in advance... Another question. Do I still need to shorten the fork if I have the BBR swingarm? It seems pretty raked out.
  7. Slayer77

    What top clamp for YZ80/TTR conv.?

    I want to put oversized bars on there... Do I just get any clamp for a YZ80, I think TAG makes one? thanks
  8. Slayer77

    Works Performance Shock (Which one?)

    Thank you for the reply but what does +2 mean? Is that the name of the shock? Or is that some sort of measurement? Thank you?
  9. Slayer77

    Works Performance Shock (Which one?)

    Hey guys, I'm ordering a rear shock for my TTR 125LE. I have a BBR Swingarm and an YZ80 front end. Some folks on the board have ordered a 1" longer eye to eye and say that it works killer. It seems that they used the stock swingarm for this. My question is, what shock should I get if I've already got the BBR Swingarm. I would like to get as much travel as possible. The guys at Works are asking me if it is a +1, +2 etc. Do you guys know which one I need? If so, please let me know. thank you,
  10. Slayer77

    Yz80 fork Mod.

    OK... I've taken your advice and am going to get a set of YZ forks for my 04 TTR-LE. What I need to know from you guys is whether or not I need anything else. I'm going to get a new rear shock but what else to I need to make the conversion? Thanks,forrest
  11. Slayer77

    CR 85 expert front end swap with TTR...

    Heck yeah!!! What should I do?
  12. Slayer77

    CR 85 expert front end swap with TTR...

    Thanks for all your help... It sounds like YZ suspension is the way to go. Forrest
  13. Slayer77

    CR 85 expert front end swap with TTR...

    What suspension is better? What if I end up going with a BBR frame? Can you use an Electric Start motor with a BBR frame? Thank you,Forrest
  14. Slayer77

    CR 85 expert front end swap with TTR...

    Will this work? What needs to be done... I have an 04 TTR 125LE and I want to put some new suspension on it. I would guess that a new clamp would be in order. What about the front wheel and brake? Can I use them? Rear shock? I have the BBR swingarm already. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you, Forrest