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  1. uhh its around like 430us
  2. hey, i have a friend who has a xr80 i beleive a 1990 heres a couple pics of it the problem is it runs pretty shitty , but has potitenail right? i dont know if i should do it? hes gunn sell it to me for 500 canadain? is that a good deal? im thinking of buying it and dropping a xr100 engnien in it with cdi instead of points it will fit right? ,also where could i get a taller shock in the back? and one more thing would it be possilbe to update the tank and plastics to maybe say the new style? becase there pretty ugly lol thanks for the help
  3. cg5

    my xr100

    check it out http://***************/index.php?hit=18692
  4. cg5

    trail bikes reliability

    wow do some godanm research stop being lazy
  5. cg5

    sikk 50 pit bike for my son

    stiffer springs, new forks, new rear suspension, +2 swingarm, new frame common man thiink!!! dont waste 2000 on a shit knock off wehn u can make your bike just ass good for alot less
  6. cg5

    sikk pit bikes-are they junk?

    there desnt i rode one before, there pretty quick
  7. cg5

    z50 mono shock swinger !!!!!!!!!??????????

    you might have to buy a crf 50 frame, and definatly a new tire set, becuase the z50s wont fit
  8. cg5

    Some stupid Q's about oil in these bikes.

    yes, doesnt have to be syntechtic mostly any motorcycle 10w40 is good
  9. cg5

    Lets see the pitbikes!!

    heres my stocker pitbike
  10. cg5

    107cc big bore

    if you want more speed, get a high comp piston
  11. cg5


    some times that happens when the choke is on, i usually have alittle white smoke on warmup
  12. cg5

    110bore kit or 88bore kit

    seperating the cases is so easy, all you really need is a couple more tools
  13. cg5

    88cc Big Bore kits

    same quality, bbr is more expens becuase they got there name on it!
  14. does any body have a tb 88 stock head piston,i dont need rings or pin i think its 52mm, i have paypal thanks
  15. cg5

    My Bike Has Finally Arrived

    take that pupy out on the mad streets haa thats what i do