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  1. jrs200

    DR650 is driving me nuts

    partially clogged exhaust maybe?
  2. jrs200

    I want to buy '03 650 owners manual

    That goes double for you Rob. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into all the carb testing and all the other support you have gave to us all!! I am sure if I didn't post the download link you would of been next to do it. You da man!
  3. jrs200

    I want to buy '03 650 owners manual

    Here you go. http://rapidshare.com/files/20378251/DR650_1_.pdf Enjoy!!
  4. jrs200

    They just about got me today!

    A while back someone did the same to me. No time to hit the brakes I had to go off the road. I was lucky that day. Went over a curb about 6" between the mail boxes on a gravel berm at about 40mph. Was I ever glad I had the D606's that day. I had my gear on though. Jacket pants helmet gloves boots. So happens the weather just did get in the 80's and not in the 100's when I was only wearing helmet, gloves, jeans, T-shirt and Nikies. I just desided not to ride when it was to hot for all my gear from then on. I sort of understand. I have almost pulled out in front of a bike at a stop sign before. He was flying and came out of nowhere. Just always think they don't see you and plan your escape. Glad you're ok. We all need prayers out there. The world is against us. Bad enough in your car. Something everyday.
  5. jrs200

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    I was just being sarcastic Brian. I don't plan on getting rid of my BST. My DR does great for what I do with it. And I am still using my Factory pro setup.
  6. jrs200

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Man if the FCR is doing this well on the DR I bet the KTM guys could get major gain. I think we always knew the BST was a piece of CRA%&%. Ok Rob your wife is still putting up with you. I know you couldn't be spending much time with her unless.....................................did you get fired? Just kidding ole boy, good job on the FRC project. But man did you ever waste time on that old BST project.
  7. jrs200

    RM250 suspension

    Now that sounds like a mod worth looking into
  8. jrs200

    Help for a soon to be noobie

    Just shop around for OTD price. Don't let them pull the blah blah blah fee on you. PS the yellow ones goes faster. To bad they don't make em anymore.
  9. jrs200

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    Oh boy, I stay away from TT for most of the summer and come back and what do I see? Rob started another looooonnnngggg carb thread. The sad thing is this one sounds as good as the 1st. Rob ole buddy, you got to much time on your hand. Did the wife leave you? HA HA keep up the good work!!
  10. jrs200

    DR650 rack

    I have the Borrego Rack from Turbo City. http://www.turbocity.com/default.php?cPath=69_78 I love it. The ebay rack was a bit wide for me. Living in the east I ride in some tight woods and hitting trees with the rack is not my idea of having fun. The stock rack is to small. But the TC rack was just right. Went for a 2 week adventure in the western NC mountains and it did veery well on handeling my sleeping bag tent and food.
  11. jrs200

    Dragging footrests

    Seems like if you lean over that far, foot pegs isn't the only thing that will be dragging.
  12. jrs200

    Skid Plate Recommendation DR650

    I have a Moose. Got it on sale for $49.99 + S&H $8.00. Looks exactly like the Utah. Has oil drain plug hole and side cover protection. Used a sheet of tool box liner foam as a noise damper. The stock plate sorta sux but anything is better than nothing at all. If you just ride off road one time it is worth the price. I have to go across railroad tracks on my trails. Bottom out everytime. Would hate to see what it would do to the frame without the plate. Good question, go buy one!! Or better yet, have one delivered.
  13. jrs200

    dual sport dot tires

    The D606 on the left has about 2k miles on it. Probably 1800 of it road miles. Maybe 100 gravel road. The middle tire is a new Mefo. The right tire is a new D606. The 606's are pretty noisy on the road. Sound like a big 4x4. When new till you get a few hundred mile on them they are a little squirmy above 70mph, not to bad though. But off road they really hook up. And the 200 miles of off road I have on the 606's were in mud, ruts and rocks. They hooked up great. Even on gravel. I did a lot of intentional sliding and slinging gravel, and in complete control. I am surprised I have got as many miles as I have on them. And still many more to go.
  14. jrs200

    New Borrego Rack from Turbo City

    Forgot to mention. Price comes to $108.45 including shipping. Packed very well.
  15. jrs200

    dual sport dot tires

    I like D606's. I expect about 2000 usable miles out of them. Got a set of Mefo's and an extra set of 606's. Think I'll stick with the 606's. They are predictable on the road. And can't be beat off road. DOT approved that is. Two thumbs up :thumbsup: