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    Plates for your bike

    I bought a new '05 CRF250x in mid August. Love the bike for all-around riding conditions. In November, I realized it would be sweet to make it streetlegal for local hops to town and getting from trail to trail easily and without worry about getting a ticket. The Baja Designs streetlegal kit looked nice, but at nearly $500, thought that was a bit much. I found a guy on ebay selling "barely streetlegal" kits ($135), and bought one, and installed it. The kit is pretty good quality, and covered the main things required here in Oregon (no turn signals or DOT tires). Before going to the DMV to get it licensed, I stopped by the local Honda dealer for some parts, and a guy there gave me a heads up on a new law saying if it isn't a model that comes in a streetlegal version, it's not licenseable (due to no federal emission standard testing on the offroad only models). Fearing the worst, I stopped by the DMV and asked if I can license my bike, explaining I added the stuff to make it comply with streetlegal status. The answer pleased me: "Yes, you can get plates for your bike. We don't inspect them to see if they comply, equipmentwise. That's just between you and the cops". I've been riding the motocross-looking CRF250x into town a couple dozen times now, and finally got the chance to ride in front of a cop on patrol. He just watched me closely as I rode by, but left me alone. So sweet. The bike does draw alot of stares from cityfolk as I ride by in my full Motocross gear... Randy, near Brownsville, Oregon