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  1. Chris4401

    Hard Starting

    Sorry to be vague - this is my son's bike. The carb was jetted for SW Florida and has always started and run well. Valve clearance was just checked (by me) and adjusted to within specs per the manual - I don't recall the exact clearance when done. The needle valve was replaced and when trying to adjust the float I discovered that you need a special tool to do this (used to do this with a caliper). My local helpful Honda shop does not have the tool for sale (or for use in the shop) so I was unable to get this done. Your advice to set the float lower is helpful. When you say lower, how low? The hot start plunger advice is also helpful. Work has me busy so it will be a week or so before I can get back into it. Any other suggestions??
  2. Chris4401

    Hard Starting

    Plug is new - good spark. Jetting is pretty stock. Bike has started and run well in the past, this is something new.
  3. Chris4401

    Hard Starting

    2006 CFR250R. Bike is very hard to start. Seems to fire the first few kicks and then won't fire at all. After sitting for about 10 minutes, the same - wants to start the first couple of kicks but won't. Was able to get it running by bump starting - ran fine but them would not restart after shutting it off. Gas leaks from the carb bowl overflow when kicking the bike. No gas leaking when sitting still or running, just when kicking the kickstart. Removed and checked and cleaned the carb - replaced the needle (fuel) valve. Appeared to be clean, slight groove in the needle valve. Wiring looks good. Valves replaced and seats re-cut about 20 hours ago - clearance is good. Compression is good. Any known problems or similar experience with this?? Bike is 6 years old. Pretty good shape and well maintained. Thanks.
  4. Chris4401

    Opinions wanted!

    Not an expert on this by any means but I would look at a big bore kit, head work and some cams. You already have a base motorcycle that you are familiar with (all issues are known) so you know what needs to be addressed to get where you want to be. Chris
  5. Chris4401

    Another tough Unabiker Rad Guard Install...BOOOO!

    I recently installed a set on an '09 400S. I echo the comments about having to "modify" the mounting holes a bit to get them to line up. My left side wasn't too bad but the right side was a PITA. Looking at them it wouldn't take much to make them right at the manufacturer level. Chris
  6. Chris4401

    fork spring noise?

    I replaced mine with RaceTech springs. Yes, you can hear them which I am told is normal. Just ride it - you won't hear them then! Chris
  7. Chris4401

    2007 suzuki Drz 400 S advice needed..

    I have a 2009. Like Noble said, do the 3x3 and the JD Jetting kit. I'm up in Charleston - follow the JD instructions and it will run great. I also went with a TwinAir filter. Other than that, the motor is stock. Chris
  8. Chris4401

    DRZ 400 Jetting Question

    If it were me (and I did), buy the James Dean kit. Its made for the bike and their customer service is very good. You may save a bit now but you may regret it later. Chris
  9. Chris4401

    400S Rear Shock Settings

    New to the "adjustable" shock thing. So I should try 12 clicks (+2 from where I am now) on the rebound setting? More clicks equals more - (slower) rebound?? Thanks
  10. Chris4401

    DRZ 400S Rejetting Help.

    Reche Rider - I have the same set up as yours - mine's an '09. I did the JD kit and am running a 155 main, 25 pilot, and the blue needle, 3rd clip. Per JD this works for elevation from SL to 4000'. Also have the Keintech screw at 2 1/2 turns. Bike runs great and I've been from SL to 3000'. Very responsive, no missing or bogging. Not sure the difference between DynoJet and JD but this is what I am using. Chris
  11. Chris4401

    400S Rear Shock Settings

    Finally got my '09 out yesterday for some serious riding. Upgraded to the Racetech springs front and rear - much needed improvements. Question about the rear - seems to be a bit "springy". Feels like I need to slow the action down a bit. '09 DRZS with a 5.7 spring. Race sag set at 90-95mm settings: low = 10 clicks, high at 3/4, and rebound = 10 clicks. Any thoughts / suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Chris4401

    Kawasaki Bayou Tires

    Got an '09 250 Bayou that needs tires. Appears that the "stock" size limits my choices. Stock (rear) is 22x10x10. Looking at 23x10x10 or 22x12x10. Which would be better - Slightly taller (1") or slightly wider (2"). Quad is for my wife so just going to be ridden on trails and fire roads. Thanks.
  13. Chris4401

    Another Fork Oil Weight and Level Question

    Mr. C Sent you a PM about your upgrade. Chris
  14. Chris4401

    What size is the countershaft nut?

    30 mm
  15. Chris4401

    Confused Honda guy with 400S Carb issues

    Looks the same as the one in my '09 DRZ. The threads on both screws look the same (in your pictures) and the length past the threads is also similar. Should fit OK. Not sure about the other two holes - at work and the bike is at home.