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  1. I think Honda fitted the dunlop D742F as OEM from factory. I did not get along with this front tire at all and felt like I was on the verge of crashing all the time, in a wide variety of Nor Cal conditions. My first replacement was a Michelin M12 and I really liked that. Then, when that wore out, I tried a Bridgestone M403 and liked that too. Now I'm running the M403 all the time. Great front tire. The M12 was great too. If you gave me a free, brand-new D742F I wouldn't run it. In fact, you couldn't pay me to use the D742F again. Not a reflection on Dunlop, they make great tires. Just not this one. IMO.
  2. You will be impressed, trust me. Most of the rangers are people like us, bike obsessed freaks with an eye for miscellany. . . the only difference being that they wear a badge. My $.02
  3. I have R-cam, R-pipe, X-can and think the pink wire disconnect is terrific. Instead of making it harder to ride (as you worry), having that small amount of over-rev - when needed - makes the motor more flexible and, for me, easier and safer to ride. Don't worry, give it a try.
  4. My bad - I fixed the typo. Yes, 2005 R can on a 2006 X bike.
  5. I just picked up a new R can for my X, for no better reason than to shed a few pounds when riding closed course in NorCal (Sandhill, etc.). Weight Comparison of just exhaust can: 2006 CRF250X: 6 lbs, 15 oz 2005 CRF250R: 4 lbs, 2 oz This is a savings of 2 lbs 13 oz, which will not exactly make the bike supermodel thin, but it does shed a decent amount, made more nice by the fact that its far from the bike's center of gravity and high up. I'm still fat and I suck at riding, but now I've got nearly 3 pounds less to worry about! -Matt
  6. Oakland here! I just got back from Sand Hill an hour ago - it was me first time there. Man I took a beating. I don't ride that often, am out of shape and a bit piggy. I'm going to probably go there regularly on wednesday afternoons for a while to meet some friends. Red mitsubishi pickup - long bed. I do carnegie too. . . hope to see some norcal X riders soon. -Matt
  7. Hi, new to the forum. I'm in Northern California and just bought a new/used 2006 250x. The thing was a garage queen, and the guy I bought it from said he never reset the odo, which is at 52 miles. Judging from the near new tires and lack of wear, I think this is accurate. 1. Bog. I haven't even taken it out, except for blasts up/down the street near my house and I noticed a very typical bog as reported on this site. JD kit has been installed, airbox cut, backfire screen removed, and diffuser drilled with 11/16" 2. Valve Clearance. While the tank was off, I decided to do a baseline valve check. UNFORTUNATELY I found I had .003 on the left intake, .004 on the right intake, and both exhausts at .010. Interestingly, a search of this forum showed a few guys with new (or near-new) '06 models with nearly the exact same tight left intake @ .003. I'm guessing that Honda had a worker on the assembly line hitting too much sake that year. I'm ordering a Hotcams kit and will shim both up to .005. This is a disappointment, but I don't think the valves are "moving" because the bike is so new. Anyone care to comment or offer some wisdom here? I love this site and have learned so much in the past two weeks, just reading and surfing. Keep up the good work guys! Best, Matt Lai