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  1. just bought a te570 and i really want the newer white, red and black color combo. but cant find white plastic for it, does anybody offer it, or can the newer shrouds be made to work.
  2. well its been a while now and have taken the bike to the dunes about 8 times now. and while the increase in power may only have came from the mrd duals, and after pulling the filter after every trip all i can say it still has no sand getting in. im not saying the filter is gaining me power, but i didnt get it for that reason. it was to make cleaning the filter as easy as it gets.
  3. well i put on some mrd bigbore duels and a ron woods open intake filter system. and i had some people saying not to get it, because it will sand through. and i have taken my bike to the dunes with this setup 3 times now and i keep checking my carb after every trip. and nothing in the opening of the carb and i cant say the intake gave it more power, but the pipes sure did. talk about a very well made exhaust set, and tons of mid-top end power and nowhere through all gears does it have a flat spot. i love how much easier the filter setup is and how nice it seals, and it was nice to get rid of the airbox.
  4. what did you have to do for the plastic to clear.
  5. thanks, i like these pipes alot. they cost 700.00, but i think its worth it. i cut the panels because when you install duals, you have 1 panel made to clear a pipe and i wanted to make them look the same. it will look better when the airbox sides go back on.
  6. got my new mrd big bore shorty twins, mid-top end pipes on my crf. wow they sound cool, just waiting for my new woods intake. i talked to somebody at woods and they said they changed the design abit. they said you really dont gain power with it, you just get rid of the crappy stock setup. not trying to stir stuff up there. but i pulled off my heavy bbr and this dual setup is a little lighter than the bbr. and really does have a cool sound, very deep and alot snappier than before and stays on the power alot longer. still have to put back my filter box shrouds, and instead of spacing out the shroud i just cut my stock shrouds.
  7. hey can be a handfull with stock gearing.
  8. dump sand in my carb, are you for real. have you seen the factory 02 setup, what a joke.
  9. i had a woods intake on my yfz450 atv and it was far better than stock. and on kbr,s dyno it showed gains. and what about the stock pipe i took off and replaced it with an nmotion pipe and wow, very good gains. so did yamaha not do as well as they could, mabey. and my freinds with there trx450r,s have done same mods with good results. so they again improved over honda,s design. and the stock filter design is junk on my crf450r, it dont seal properly unless you buy an aftermarket seal kit. is your bike all stock or have you improved it. as far as the carb goes, im happy with the fcr. i have tried other carbs on my yfz and like the factory carb, but i am going to have it taper bored to a 42.
  10. well i got my filter. it does fit, even though it is tight. its a small filter, do you think it will affect performance. im not going to dyno it until my dual mrd big bore shortys show up.
  11. i would like to see pics of your woods kit.
  12. i have been riding in the dunes for years, on atvs with open k&ns with outer wears and have not had a problem. i was just seeing if anybody else has done this with a bike.
  13. i just got this 02 crf450r on friday, i have owned a yz426f and i like this bike alot more. mostly the starting ease. its got a port job and a 13.1 piston, it moves pretty well. and the frame looks better than my 426. im ordering a mrd twin big bore short silencer setup for a mid top end pipe and i just ordered a open k&n pod filter setup and outer wear, so by by airbox. this bike will be used as a duner when done. heres a pic.
  14. i was looking for the k&n #, thanks. any change in power.
  15. do you no what part number or what the dimensions are. it looks very tight.