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  1. Layne Michael is one of the fastest up and coming off-road racers in the GNCC series. He's a senior in high school and finished 2nd in the 4 Stroke A Lites class last year but is trading in his thumper for a 2-stroke for 2012. Gotta love hearing that smoker sing! http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2012/01/06/layne-michael-2-stroke-video/
  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that the GNCC Fantasy League at www.offroadfantasy.com is back for 2011. Obermeyer Yamaha has donated a TTR-110 as the grand prize and we've got some other awesome stuff to give away each round from Fly, Scott, Kenda, ktmtalk, Racer X and more. We cut the cost to sign up to $10 as well. Check out the site for more info or send me a message if you have any questions. www.Offroadfantasy.com
  3. GNCC champ Josh Strang wore a helmet cam at the final round, dude rips in the woods! http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2010/11/05/josh-strang-ironman-gncc-helmet-cam-video/
  4. Check out this helmet cam video from the last GNCC with Yamaha's Thad DuVall. http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2010/10/05/thad-duvall-helmet-cam-video/
  5. daracingpaper

    OffRoad GNCC Racing Fantasy League

    Offroadfantasy.com has started a GNCC Fantasy League this year. Scott USA is the presenting sponsor and offering Scott Rewards gift certificates to the first 250 entries, as well as a pair of Scott NoSweatXi goggles for the Florida round winner. The cost to enter is $20 and there will be prizes each week as well as a to be decided cash grand prize for the winner. Check it at www.offroadfantasy.com
  6. daracingpaper

    2010 AmPro Yamaha Team photos

    I don't think anyone has made a large tank for the 2010 YZ as of yet. I've heard the AmPro team will start testing the 2010 YZ soon in hopes of racing them after the GNCC summer break.
  7. daracingpaper

    2010 AmPro Yamaha Team photos

    The way I understand it Whibley has a unique deal where he can choose to run whatever suspension he wants regardless of the team sponsors. He ran Ohlins last year so has been testing with it this year, but actually did a SETRA race a couple of weeks ago on Thad DuVall's KYB suspension. It'll be interesting to see what he ends up racing with this year.
  8. A few wallpapers of the 2010 AmPro Yamaha team. First pics of GNCC Champ Paul Whibley on the WR 450. http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2010/02/10/ampro-yamaha-team-wallpaper/
  9. Footage from Round 1 of the National Enduro series: http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2010/02/02/digioffroad-video-sumter-enduro/
  10. A lot of the younger GNCC pros wear neck braces. Thad DuVall and Cory Buttrick wear a Leatt, Kailub Russell did last season but I saw he got an Alpinestars one for 2010.
  11. daracingpaper

    iPod touch and iPhone Moto Wallpapers

    For the off-road racers out there: http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2009/12/11/iphone-wallpapers/
  12. Glenn's looking pretty good on the Husky. Hope he has a better season in 2010 than he did in 2009... http://www.digitaloffroad.com/2010/01/29/digioffroad-video-glenn-kearney/
  13. daracingpaper

    Athena 290cc kit

    Yeah, anyone have any insight on this? I've been thinking about getting the same thing...
  14. daracingpaper

    '05 RM-Z 250 Overheating / Dying Problems

    So, decided to race my 2nd ever GNCC, first ever on my 05 RM-Z 250 at Unadilla last weekend. About 5 minutes into the mayhem that is a woods race with over 600 riders my bike started spitting out massive amounts of steaming coolant from the radiator overflow. At about 15 minutes into the race the bike finally died on a steep hill climb. I sat there for about 30 minutes, opened the radiator cap which revealed a bone dry radiator, emptied my camelback into the radiator, finally got the bike to start once it was cool and limped it back into the pits. I finally dug into the bike last night, flushed out the radiator, put in a fresh 50/50 mix of water & antifreeze, started it up and watched the water circulate in the radiator and thought I was good to go. So, I go riding this morning, everything is going fine until about 20 minutes into the ride while wide open the bike bogs three times and just stops. It wouldn't kick over, tried bump-starting it and starts but then dies again. I let it cool down for about 10 minutes, it kicked over and I nursed it back to the van. I'm not really sure where to go from here. I know that there was a problem with the 04s overheating but I thought that was fixed for 05. I've only raced MX with the bike until now - this has been my first attempts at woods/GNCC style riding with it. Any ideas?