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  1. I'm down here in phoenix an I have a Red '06 Klr 650. I bought it brand new last October. My bike is only in the sun for a max of 5 hours a day while I'm in class. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried Honda polish on all the plastic parts but as Im wiping them down I get red crap coming off on my cloth. Any suggestions (besides ebay) where I can get gently used or new plastics? Thanks
  2. zac271

    klr diesel.

    Look at http://f1engineering.com/diesel%20bike%20specs.html
  3. zac271

    Vulcan 750 Help!

    Anyone out there with experience on a Kawasaki Vulcan? I'm currently working on a 1994 Vulcan 750 with 9k miles that is completely stock. The problem it's having seems like a vapor lock or vacuum problem. It will run and shift through the gears fine, cruise nicely at highway speeds, but on decel it will slightly backfire and then at idle will die and won't start again for about five minutes. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Any good rides around Northern Phoenix? Any Phoenix riders out there?
  5. zac271

    KLR 650 Exhaust Question

    Does anyone know if a DG silencer made for a KLX 650 will fit a KLR 650? Looks like the mounts are in similar positions. Thanks.