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    Removing chain lube from the rear tire?

    Thanks all for entertaining my stupid question!
  2. Hey all, I just did my first chain lube (trying to do most of the bike maintenance on my own) and I got some lube on the rear tire. It's tacky stuff and I'd rather not end up on my ass the next time I take the bike for a spin. Any tips on how to remove this stuff from the tire? I tried some fantastic and it worked OK however it's still tacky. Thanks, Jay
  3. Hello, I'm just about to pull the trigger on a new tank for my KLX and it's down to color. Right now the color is stock. White plastics and the green shrouds. I was thinking about a white tank but would love to see a picture. The shroud has a white graphic what would transition nicely into the white tank. http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/machines/2004/kawasaki/klx400sr.html Can anyone provide a pic? Also, opinons are always welcome. Thanks, Jay
  4. jwmurphy

    Hose Clamp Recommendation?

    Hi there, My KLX400SR hose clamps are a pain in the rear end (especially the ones in those hard to reach places). I tried a 1/4" SAE #4 hose clamp (plumbers clamp with the slotted hex nut) for the port underneath the carb and it worked pretty well however, it's a bit too large. Anybody using anything different or should I suck it up and quit my bitching? Thanks, Jay
  5. Just curious. What's the purpose of the air vent hose on the carb (next to the choke)? I was removing the emissions canister from my KLX and noticed it. It's number 60 on the following BSR36 diagram. http://www.ronayers.com/fiche/300_0367/carburetor/carburetor.cfm?man=su&groupid=1660&parent=1610 It points straight down and vents to atmosphere. Is this correct? Sorry if this is a stupid question but just starting to learn. Thanks, Jay
  6. jwmurphy

    Aftermarket Seats?

    Corbin seats. http://www.corbin.com/
  7. Like many of you, I've finally had it with the CA emissions canister on my bike. I have an idea and I wanted to run it by the experts in this forum. I was originally thinking of replacing the stock tank with a Clarke 3.9 however, I'm not crazy about the look and I know how hard it is to get after market graphics to stick to after market plastic tanks (actually I can't even find a place that sells tank graphics). But I'm sold on venting the tank from the top using a FreeFlo vent hose (the hose with the swivel and one way valve). Is it possible to remove the charcoal canister (including the hoses), plug both the port on the carburetor and the one on the underside of the tank (where the breather hose connects), and then replace the stock gas cap with one that allows me to install a breather hose that vents from the top? Is this just plain stupid or does it have merit? If so where would I find a cap? The alternative is to vent the current breather hose out the bottom of the bike as described in the forum. Thanks, Jay