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    Battery Issues!

    #42292....it's on their website if you don't have a local store. http://www.harborfreight.com
  2. Motardretard

    Battery Issues!

    This has probably been said before, but here goes. My 05 DRZ-s, which I ride mainly on the street, had battery problems after I paid a visit to Saddam. I figured the biggest problem was lack of time to ride was killing the battery. I went to look for a new battery and was I in for a rude awakening. I could not find one without paying an arm and a leg and that included thumpertalk. Anyway, I finally got a new battery but in the meantime while I was waiting 4 weeks to get a new one, I was able to revive my old one. That got me to thinking about a float charger. They looked like a good idea, but they were pricey too. Then I went to Harborfreight one day. They were selling them for 8 dollars. I hard wired a connector onto my battery so that I could roll into the garage and plug it right in. It works great. I also bought an extra to keep on my spare battery. I know Harborfreight sells cheap stuff, but these worked great for me.