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  1. Dune7

    Big Tire on xr650r?

    I use the Dunlop 908 Rally Raid which is a 140/80, which is good on Asphalt and o.k in the desert sand. The matching front tire sucks though. It is "big" and adds quite a bit of extra "height" and changes the "rake" of the bike which changes the handling a little....nothing you can't adjust though. Fits fine , except it wears the mudflap a bit faster! I use it with a standard 14/48 gearing and chain.
  2. Dune7

    Credit To Trail Tech

    I have read passed strings where it seemed quite clear that some companies online shopping left a lot to be desired! Well this is a good story. I picked up a glitch with a Lynx Computer where it screwed up my ODO reading and ART reading when I changed batteries. I contacted Jeff at Trail Tech and explained it. He first asked me to send it in so as to check it out.... here's the catch I live in the Middle East and sending a unit from here to the U.S.A costs a packet. I road my bike and the unit seemed to work O.K just the ODO and ART readings were just seriously out which meant I would always have to subtract the error. I explained to Jeff that it costs a packet to post and I will just use it as is...... guess what ....he says... "no problem give me your address and I will send you a new unit"......now that's what I call service!! Let's give credit to the guys that want to do right by their customers!!
  3. Dune7

    Adventer Rider

    There are probably more "dual sport" parts like hard panniers, etc. ....or....they are fit for purpose ie: they are seen as dual sport bikes where the XR and Xl are seen more a heavyweight off roads. Either way I would never give up on my Xr650r . I have a setup that allows me to switch from Dual Sport to pure offroad in a few minutes. or...... they don't have the cajones to ride a Pig!!!
  4. Dune7

    Dunlop 908 Rally Raid

    Just fitted it on my XR650R ...like a glove with stock sprockets and chain. I will tell how it handles this weekend. I have read that the front tire "sucks" on the road at around 60mph causes headshake. I have only put in the rear tire...awesome and huge.
  5. Dune7

    Rich or Lean???

    OK.....now I get it, hence the smaller jets as the temperature rises. So essentially my bike will be running rich now then with a 175 jet and getting richer as the temperature warms up and the density drops. The 175 jet would mbe kinda o.k for temps arounf 25 deg c and I should now go down to a 168 for the warm temps I hope I got that right!
  6. Dune7

    Rich or Lean???

    Please bear with me, I am a bit of a dumbo when it comes to carbs and setting them. I have a 2004 XR650R (ED model ie: European) Stock carb and the bike is stock "uncorked". I live in the UAE ie the desert, at sea level .Winter temp around 25-28 deg C and Summer around 40-44 Deg C. Now stock jetting on the ED model is Main:#175 , Slow jet: #65 and clip position is 3rd from top position. If I look at "Erics" jetting charts it has the main at #168 Slow Jet at #65 and Clip in position 2. at high ambient and at around #175 ,#65 pos 3 at cooler ambient temp. I have just installed a PC T-4 slip on muffler (stock header) and it pops ever so slightly if I deccelerate suddenly (If I brake slowly to a stop ,no popping) Now that I have confused the crap out of all here are my questions. 1) With the stock setup, is my bike going to be lean or rich at higher ambient temperatures. 2) Will it make sense to use "Erics" jetting tables and choose a jetting setup ...say ..halfway between the lower winter temps and the higher summer temps. ie: the bike will run a bit leaner or richer whichever way the weather turns. or am I blowing smoke up my own arse with this?? 3) With the stock setup and the the new T4 pipe will the bike be rich or lean ? as the ambient warms up will it become richer or leaner? I hope there is someone out there with the patience to get my head around these questions...thanks!
  7. Dune7

    Max Tire Size?

    Let me me know once you have fitted the 908RR , I am looking to buy one as well. They have been used here on the UAE Desert challenge, quite successfully I believe.
  8. I have just installed a T4 "slip on" pipe (kept the oem header). I find that the bend on the slip pipe on sticks out a bit too far and the section of pipe passes within about 4mm of the plastic sidecover. I have used the 2 aluminium spacers provided with the pipe one where the muffler mounts the subframe and one where the "slip on" pipe mounts the frame. The plastic side cover actually touches the muffler on one of the muffler's allen bolts and as mentioned before only misses the bend of the pipe by about 3-4mm. I am afraid I will get "meltdown" of the plastic side cover. Have I screwed up on the mounting??? any suggestions on keeping the sidecover off the pipe? Appreciate any help
  9. Dune7

    T4 Jetting on 650R

    What is the best jetting to use on a XR650R with the T4 exhaust?
  10. Dune7

    Rim width dangers??

    What if any dangers does one run when you fit a tire with a recomended rim with of say 3" onto a 2.15" rim. I see Dunlop sites all give recomended rim widths and most of the other tyre manufacturers don't seem to give a hoot! Is there an danger or does it just alter the bike handling? If so what would the compromise be If I mouted a 3" recomendation onto a 2.15" rim?? ..........who said riding bikes was simple....
  11. Dune7

    Dunlop D908RR ???

    I see on the adventure rider site many have bought these tires now since they have become available in the U.S.A. So I'll ask again, anyone tried them yet? I notice you need a 3.5 "rim as per Dunlop spec. Any danger of using them with stock 2.15 rims?
  12. Dune7

    White Bros E series pipe?

    They claim more than that, not my estimation it's theirs!
  13. Dune7

    I called XR’s Only

    Here's my take on the "Online Purchasing" . I live out in the Middle East in the UAE and it is not easy getting parts , online being the only choice really. Not being "local " in the U.S.A doesn't help either particularly when you have problems. In most case I get the goods shipped to our company in the U.S and then either myself or a buddy picks them up on a business trip. The problem we have is when something goes wrong the vendor invariably doesn't give a shit because you are in another "world". I think this media is a good "help" in these situations, I mean there were something like 3500+ views of this string and that will seriously hurt the business of the non caring vendor because all these , or at least most of these viewers are passionate bike owners and in this case XR's . It takes a manager with big "cajones" to stand up to the plate and say " hey we screwed up, but we will fix it ". I think some good will come of this string.... good work guys .... protecting the interests of us "cash strapped" customers. For me once you have added duties and shipping part are damn expensive!!! I can't afford any screw ups!! Below are some of the vendors I have used and my opinions of them:- Dirt Bagz - for my 650R - Excellent service, recommended to a friend and he used them , excellent service again Bike Bandit - Riding Gear - Excellent service , prompt response to queries. Billet Racing Products - Shark fin and Skid plate - Awesome friendly service , visited in person. SRC - Fork Brace, Rad cap, Thermostat - Good service - Queried the fact that my Fork brace has bent after 3 mnths service - Immediate response , asked for photo as this seemed to be a first, I have sent them , awaiting result... should be interesting!! Trail Tech - Endurance computer and Lynx computer - Friendly service, had to phone in and got good service - I have a problem with the pickup on the endurance and have queried it about a week ago via mail - no response as yet.... hope it's not a case of "we got your cash.. your'e on your own now".... still waiting for response! TT Store - Sprockets, White Bros Pipe- Good efficient service , Pipe was out of stock and TT let me know wthin 2 days, I cancelled that order and they gave me proof of cancellation with a few hours
  14. I orders a White Bros E Series pipe from the TT shop( the Oval one with visible plates).... out of stock... discontinued!!! So I had to cancel my order... bummer. I don't like the look of the new Series pipes they are far too "smooth" ... not "manly looking" enough for an XR650R ! Does anyone know who has stock of these ? (Why would they discontinue a pipe that gives an extra 5+HP ... the mind boggles!)
  15. I live in Dubai and i ride an XR650R nearly every weekend in the desert. I am planning a trip throught Botswana and Namibia in June , about 5000km. Over 2-3 weeks. We are (4 of us) shipping our bikes from here to South Africa and after the ride will ship them back. Another 2 guys from here are leaving in April/May to ride from Nairobi to Cape Town. We hope to tie up with them in Botswana and ride together through there and Namibia. Should be an awesome ride. I am going to rely on the reliability of the XR 650 R and am only taking , air filter and oil filters!! I have added some mods to the bike like an Acerbis Sahara tank, seriously better skid plate, changed sprockets for "longer legs" . Rally tires, SRC 1.5 Rad cap, high temp thermostat, SRC Fork brace (big difference in the sand!) White Bros clutch springs, Touratech GPS holder, other than that it's still bog standard. I can ride as is up the "Nosebleed " sand dune near Fossil Rock no problem so it still has some guts!! We ride most weekends , give me a shout if you want to join.