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  1. You can't go wrong by choosing what the manufacturer recommends. But if you want to consider non-silicate coolant, you can check this write-up. It also covers things to keep in mind about possible incompatibilities. hope that helps, Bruno Montreal, Canada
  2. It often sneaks up on you. One minute you're ok, the next, your brain stops processing for half a second. And off you go. Bruno Montreal, Canada
  3. I find that to be the best approach to have more endurance. Once you overheat, endurance goes down. Especially geared up a lower airpseeds where you're exerting a lot (creating more heat). Bruno Montreal, Canada
  4. It's been on my mind a long time. Just got around to doing it. If anyone has been struggling with the hot temps we've been having, I just put up a little section re dealing with hot weather riding: Cheers! Bruno Montreal, Canada