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  1. The Baja Designs kit on my 2005 KX250F works great and is street legal in Michigan. You can see it here:
  2. Because of the lakes in this area the dirt roads are less likely to be laid out in the 1 mile square grids typical in other parts of the state, ie. more turns. Yes, it's not single track, but I'm just happy when the wheels are goin' round. As far as going to Bike Night, I suggest we meet at the Dam Site Inn in Hell for dinner (or just as a meeting point), then doing a long dirt road loop into A2. We could do some exploring around the Pinckney and Waterloo Recreation Areas. If anyone is interested I could start next week. SandMan, to answer your route question: A route I often take from Hamburg Twp. to Ann Arbor is mostly dirt and involves taking Merril to Valentine to Jennings to Joy to Stein to Maple. That's about 15 mi. of dirt before hitting Huron River Dr. a few miles west of downtown. Often I'll return via dirt roads around Whitmore Lake and South Lyon. Mostly I just like to range about and discover new areas. Kawasaki Bob is getting a Bike Night going again in Howell, this year at Cleary's Pub downtown. It should be starting up soon on Tuesday nights. There are some cool D-S routes between Pinckney and Howell and points west. Jim
  3. I'm next door in Hamburg. Ride a KLX400s that I'm thinking of Motarding-out this year. Bought a KX250f last fall and set it up for woods riding. Both are street legal. Nice to meet sndmn2 at C & C in Brighton this afternoon. Thanks for pointing me to this forum! Anyone up for a Wednesday evening dual sport ride sometime? I like showing up on the muddiest bike at Bike Night in Ann Arbor.
  4. I just made the conversion and my '05 KX makes a sweet enduro. It would be nice to have a 6th gear for riding the logging roads between trails. Otherwise I'm very happy with the bike on the tight single track that I mostly ride. I kept the gearing stock and just added a headlight , taillight, and FMF Q2 muffler and PowerBomb header.
  5. I just bought an '05 250F using Kawasaki's promotion: 0 down and 4.9% for 24 months.
  6. I'm heading for Marquette, MI. Dat's in da U.P., eh?
  7. I ordered one from Jeff at Pro Cycle last Wednesday and I received it that Friday. Oregon to Michigan in 2 days. He tells me he ships everything by priority mail. I just started dealing with him and so far he's been the most customer-friendly aftermarket company I've dealt with.
  8. 2005 KX250F. My dealer is blowing them out to make room for the '06 models. I had him install a set of (D.O.T.) Kenda Trackmaster IIs. Picked it up yesterday and installed FMF Power Bomb & Q2 exhaust system and Polisport headlight and taillight today. Getting it licensed tomorrow and heading to the U.P. Friday. My buddy up there got a Gas Gas 300 this year and he's going to be surprised when I show up with the KX. He's expecting me to bring my KLX400S!