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  1. modin

    2010 CRF 450 Shock Exchange Piston Specs

    Mine looked like this Re n Comp n 40x0.2 4 44x0.2 9 28x0.1 1 42x0.15 11 40x0.3 1 40x0.2 1 38x0.3 1 38x0.2 1 36x0.3 1 36x0.2 1 34x0.3 1 34x0.2 1 32x0.3 1 30x0.2 1 30x0.3 1 26x0.2 1 28x0.3 1 22x0.3 2 26x0.3 1
  2. My old CRF450-05 has become harder to start when hot (it's not an valve play issue..). I guess the mixture has become richer since now I hardly has to use the choke anymore. Has anyone else experienced this? Back in -05 I had to choke it when starting cold. Now I just prime it a couple of times with the acc.pump and it runs fine. Should I just adjust it leaner at low idle, or does the needle get worne?
  3. Bought the "KTM-plug". Wasn't exactly the same though. The KTM only had two small holes to the main jet "cup", where the Hondas had many. Couldn't feel any difference. Maybe the newer carbs only has two holes?
  4. Thanks. Don't feel I tightened it that hard (obviously to hard..) Must be really thin in the o-ring seat.
  5. Managed to crack the float chamber plug on my old Honda (CRF450R-05) when changing the main. Honda only sells the complete "float chamber assy", which I don't need. Is the plug the same on all FCRs? so I can by the plug from a KTM since they offer the plug alone?
  6. OK, thanks for having it cleared. Would be nice if someone could post a pict of the check nut (why not call it check valve?) installed.
  7. Red a test of Dungeys 250 where MXA stated (know that MXA isn't exactly SAE, but made me curious) it has a bleed system instead (?) of check valves separating comp and reb. What do they mean? Do they have a small bypass in the main piston or shim with float? How do they do it? and what are they after? Bypasses sounds more like a enduro or woods setting to me....
  8. modin

    sx65 aftermarket kick?

    Does anybody know a good fix to the NOT SO GOOD original kickstarter (for the up to -08 models)? Is there anyone making an aftermarket one? or any hints on a good fix? Feels bad to buy another original that will loose it's fit to the splines after just a few hours.
  9. modin

    KTM 50sx Pro Senior which year?

    I think they are all the same. Don't remember any changes (except looks)since it got the 12" front wheel in 03 (?).
  10. modin

    -09 shock shim dia?

    Thanks! Actually tried to search for it, but obviously missed it.
  11. modin

    -09 shock shim dia?

    I'm to do some suspension mods on a -09, and need to know if the shims I have will fit or if I'll have to buy some before I dismount it. Want to be able to put it together asap. Is the biggest outer dia 44? Can I be so lucky that the inner dia is 12mm? The coolest would be if someone have the shim stacks measured, so I can plan the shim changes in advance. Any help appreciated.
  12. I'm to buy new plastic and wonder which brand has the best quality. Has anybody seen a comparison between the different brands of plastic kit. The late Honda original plastic has hold up great for me. Is any of the aftermarket brands as good (or better?)?
  13. Hi! Stuck in San Antonio over the weekend. Does anybody know a good store to by dirt bike clothing?
  14. Does anybody now which bikes had the 46mm Kayaba forks with seals that fit the 46mm Öhlins fork? Preferably Kawasaki since I don't have a Yamaha dealer close. Thanks in advance
  15. modin

    Factory Honda´s of Europe....

    Couldn't hold my words back. Sorry. You get the point.