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  1. Supercross

    All they have to do is beat him, it's a race let the fastest win, know where does it say you have to compete for the season, have fun watching him, since it will be the last few races of a racer who will go down in MX/SX history as a Legend, if you truly like the sport than you should appreciate his riding while you can, besides I will bet if you add the missing points to second place it still won't be near James. Just a fact, don't go crying because some guy won't get a few extra second place points that are useless.
  2. I have to disagree, I think Emig is really good and sounds independent from being on the track, I also thought Ricky was good, but not as professional at public announcing. To dog on Emig when Sheenin (sp??) is out there is a stretch.
  3. It's funny how some riders (at any level of racing) always get hurt and others never get hurt. Their has been a lot of talk about Grants return to the 450, looks like history may repeat itself, but I will give him some more races before laying judgment.
  4. Hanging with your son priceless, your commet to a guy having fun
  5. Supercross

    You know I have thought about that, but I wonder if all JS mistakes are from riding on the edge to beat RC and when he's gone he may not need to. When CR is 100% he may fill the void?
  6. Supercross

    It's normal west coast dirt, nothing new. JS beat RC this race, but your commet sounds as if you are saying RC has lost it, look over the past 2 years the wins have gone back and forth, but RC always pulled out the victor. Don't get me wrong I don't think one is way better than the other, i just don't agree with dogging second exspecialy when he one the last race.
  7. Supercross

    This sounded like a great race, but when RC is gone and CR broken, this may be the most bouring season since RC MX streak. My hope is for 2 years from know that RV will give him a run till then:snore: :confused:
  8. Let's just do everythin East cosat time would you like anthing else besides having half the country on your schedule?
  9. This boy needs a medal
  10. U must support Ralph Nadar It will be a two man series who cares if RC splits them here and there, plus when you are the GOAT you have full rights to go to the races, kick back on your lazy boy and tighten the muzzle.
  11. RC was one of the most haited riders and JS has been one of the most loved, the fact is RC has matured and people respect him for how he handles himself on and off the track. People wait to bash Reed because he has had a bad attitude, not saying he hasn't change over the recent months. The reason people are ripping on JS is that he does one of the largest MX/SX mistakes in history every 5 races since he's moved up. In normal life it's called taking resposibility for ones actions, just because you have super talent does give you a card to be a jack a#s.
  12. Kinda funny that Tedesco walks back on the track, flips Stewart off during said practice, then protests STEW's "behavior". IT had a case till then! Risking someones life with a stupid move in practise compares with fliping someone off because they broke your arm is not even in the relm of similar offenses. Use some judgement.
  13. Great news, I was a little worried JS would be alone this year, hope fully we will keep the raceing going:applause:
  14. Sounds like a typical Reed win. Wait wait wait, I will give him the benefit of the doubt until I see the race and his future rides/results. Did his wife give him the power again?
  15. If you get $4,500 your doing good in MIchigan, no way could you get 5 here, but I've noticed drasctic price differences between states. In the West the price to hold a bit longer. Good Luck