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  1. cf3232

    Gas coming out of exhaust on four stroke

    Had the same issue on a cloned 125cc bike. The jets were not screwed into the body of the carbs and I was getting gas out of the exhaust. They were in the hole but not screwed all the way in. Open up the carb and make sure the jets are actually screwed into the body of the carb.
  2. cf3232

    2010 Yz450f

    I am sure they went with a four valve head instead of a 5 valve head to bump up compression. They did this on the YZF R1 a few years back for that very reason. I think Rossi had the engineers do it on the M1 as well when he moved to Yamaha in 2004 for the very same reason.
  3. cf3232

    YZ400 Head gasket

    I would say no on the copper sealer on the head gaskets. The heat and pressure applied when torquing the head bolts down will seal the head and cylinder into place. Just clean the surfaces and make sure to torque the head bolts down properly. That will create the seal between the head and the cylinder for the head gasket. At that point let heat do the rest.
  4. cf3232

    How many miles on a full tank of gas

    It will cover that distance with a kid with no problem. These bike sip gas.
  5. cf3232

    my CRF50 just dies while riding

    Had this same thing happen to me. It ended up being the air mixture screw. Turned it in and then back out 2 1/2 turns, no problem after that. There were other issues with the carb, but did not finally resolve the problem until I did this.
  6. cf3232

    Oversized gas tank? Anyone have any info?

    Put a liter or half liter soda bottle in a backpack filled with gas and the top screwed on tight. I usually opt for the half liter, but depending on how far you are going to be out you decide. When you hit reserve fill her up head home and switch to reserve when you start running out of gas again. A lot cheaper and I have done this on numerous occasions. This should get you home at least and there is no investment in another tank. Cost $1 to $2! Some might say it is dangerous, but I have never had an issue with it.
  7. cf3232

    *** Neutral!?!?!?

    Well hope I do not run into this problem, but if i do I will be prepared. Thanks
  8. cf3232

    *** Neutral!?!?!?

    What type of oil are you using in the engine?
  9. cf3232

    Bikes Are Here!

    Going to pick mine up today, cant wait!!!
  10. cf3232

    Anyone run race gas in there 50?

    Wow did not even notice that.
  11. cf3232

    Anyone run race gas in there 50?

    Pinging needs higher octane no pinging then you are running the right gas. Anything you pay over the gas that does not make your car, bike, whatever ping is money wasted.
  12. cf3232

    SB-A Manual

    No need for high octane in these engines, only need high octane for high compression engines. That is when you will have problems with pre-detonation in the higher compression engines with lower octane.
  13. Boys will be boys, the thing is that he is setting up rules so when the rules are broken some asses will be getting kicked. I understand and agree with your philosiphy on raising kids. Kids know right from wrong and when they do the wrong there has to be consequences.
  14. cf3232

    va tracks

    man I second that!