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    smoking XR400 after mod

    Thanks for all the input! the final finding was the gap on the rings were too wide. i bought the bike from a friend of mine who is a good mechanic, but took some bad advise from the local Honda dealer. Bottom line, they had him gap the rings and oil ring twice the amount the maker (JE pistons) recommended. All in all the work is done and the bike runs great with no smoke. brettoXR said it best when he said "will not throw money at something again to try and turn it into something that it isn't.." the 400 is great stock!!
  2. rickerk

    smoking XR400 after mod

    i too think it is the seals. i will know soon. the bike is a 2004. cannot have more than 25 hours on it. 10 when the mod was done. it does smoke at start up and goes away with warm up. this did not occur right after the mod but has started recentlly. However, the amount of smoke at start is pretty bad. i used about 3/4 of a quart over 6 hours of run time. The performance out of the machine is great. lots of power and after warm up very little if at all smoke.
  3. rickerk

    smoking XR400 after mod

    the Honda shop installed the rings and piston. i have been working the break in with part throttle and all that. the oil iv'e been using is the Honda 10w40 GN4.
  4. rickerk

    smoking XR400 after mod

    After installing a white brothers big bore kit (machine work performed by the local Honda shop) and a hot cams cam, the motor smokes at start up and goes away after warm up. The CC has been increased from 400 to almost 450. the compression changed from 9.5 to 12. at first the head gassket leak. through Honda i found this to be normal because the gassket in the kit is cheap. replaced with a Honda heavy duty gassket. After this is when the smoking got worse, but only at start up and warm up. On a 2 day trip putting 6 hours on the machine, i used 1/2 to 3/4 quart of oil. could the higher compression have cracked the head? blown a valve seal? they are molly rings, could they not be seated yet? there has been no head work performed. Also a white brothers exhaust and larger jet was installed. the bike runs great with lots of power, just looks like a 2 stroke at start up. Any ideas or input would be great. Thanks.