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  1. 40ozthreat

    Short video of Rand w/ a Contour HD

    Nice. Knew i might spark some trash talking. The gf is coming so there will be some slower loops in the morning. Perhaps there are some other women or couples out there looking for other women to ride with? Afternoon i will check headlight functionality and zip tie the throttle wide open then we will ride till we run out of gas or the crank pops out of the cases.
  2. 40ozthreat

    Short video of Rand w/ a Contour HD

    Stick the pass on 602. You riding with us this weekend?
  3. 40ozthreat

    Technical Single Track riding buddies?

    509 is still icy. Also the forest service has been patrolling the area and ticketing people riding the connecting trails. Stay on the mapped trails only in that area.
  4. 40ozthreat

    Engine rebuild?

    Needs to be diagnosed. Could just be a cam chain tensioner. I would not advise a full rebuild: Valves + headwork, crank, crank bearings etc. Just throw the minimum at it, as stated above its an older bike. Ebay is your friend. If you are in the Broomfield call Billy at Eurosport.
  5. 40ozthreat

    Where are the new trails around 717 ?

    Ryan, Please acknowledge that everything you put on the net is avaliable for others to see. You are talking abou illegal activity on an open forum, and now there is a link to your myspace. I am sure if I wanted I could find out where you live, what you drive, etc. I would never do that but there could be someone on this forum that works for the man. I was 16 once too man, I did my fair share of dumb stuff, but luckily the net wasn't what it is today and I got a way with it. Now being a little older and wiser I know that all my bad karma could bite me in the ass. I will commend you though on thinking of the big picture now. One person stealing/destroying/trail making can get an area shut down pretty quick.
  6. 40ozthreat

    717 trip this weekend 7/3/09

    Nice Torch!!! That took some cajones!!! Now Im scared to go ride 717 knowing that I'll probably end up trying it too.
  7. 40ozthreat

    Suspension Guru right here in denver area

    Just wanted to say that I just got my suspension back from Neil and its great. Most personalized experience that I have had with suspension, best price and best results. I finally got rid of my harsh stock suspension and have a suspension with ESP. ESP meaning it does what I think its going to to and I have telepathy over it too. Can't stress the important of a good suspension job, traction when I want, less fatigue and the ability to catch controlable air when I want to double rocks. Anyway if your looking for a good deal and good service hit up neil best three hundred you can spend.
  8. 40ozthreat

    Memorial day weekend at 717.

    Thanks for the enjoyable weekend all! Had fun riding and hanging out with a bunch of interesting people to say the least, couldn't have made it a whole weekend around sane people.
  9. 40ozthreat

    Memorial day weekend at 717.

    Myself and 602 will be there. Just one more day of work to lug through!!
  10. Hey all. I have some friends coming out to visit, and since the skiing isn't looking the greatest the next 10 days, I was thinking about riding some trails and doing some camping. I'm in Broomfield and would like to stay within about 4 hours of driving. I have a heated trailer that we will stay in so I am not to concerned about that, just looking to know if anything is worth the trip yet. If you know of anywhere please let me know, and if you don't feel like posting to everyone just shoot me a PM. I am aware of Texas Creek, but have heard that the limited trails aren't really worth it. I also read about McCoy, but don't know too many specifics about it IE size, fire roads, single track, where I could camp etc. Thanks!!!
  11. I think that it is the same thing. I think that on a heater there is a intake and outake side on the burner side, and then an intake and outake side for the room air side. This is kind of what Im tring to figure out, I have looked at some of the manufacturers pages and its very confusing. I don't know how to run the intake and exhaust for the burner, and what holes I would have to put in the trailer. I looked at toyo tecs pictures and I cant tell where his exhaust gases go.
  12. I have already done some research on heaters, and I want to run a Atwood Hydro Flame 7920 18,000 BTU RV Trailer Furnace check out http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320303947479 in my 12X6 for camping this winter. I was wondering if anybody has installed one of these units or has any experience with them. I also would like to know if anyone has tank size recommendations, and battery recommendations for this unit. I don't really see myself staying in the trailer for more than 3 nights at a time. I would also like to know what other things I would need to set this up, as I couldnt really find any install instructions. I know I prob need trailer insulation, CO detector, a thermostat, wiring, and fuel lines. If any one has any install pics that would also be most appreciated too. I basicallly would like to know what I am getting into before I go ahead and order one of these. Thanks in advance.
  13. 40ozthreat

    NY'er comin west to CO possibly in june. Got the low down?

    Well I'm from boston, so you know how I feel about them Yankees, but here those things don't matter. What I have gathered from out here is you go to work, live in suburbia, help out your fellow man whenever need be, and go out to the mountains and do whatever you want while respecting the land. This would include dirtbiking, snowboarding/skiing, shooting, fun dangerous things, etc. You will enjoy it out here. Just make sure you have a positive attitude and your honest and you will like it. If you like dirtbiking, outdoors, good weather and having fun this is a great place. Hit me up if your down to ride when you get here, and will put all the baseball thing aside and apply the throttle.
  14. 40ozthreat

    4 stoke headwork in denver

    I figured that out after I posted. Thanks though, millenium seems reasonable.
  15. 40ozthreat

    4 stoke headwork in denver

    I don't think a 250F cylinder will fit on a 250 2s, JK. Sorry my post was a little confusing; I'm looking to get my 05 yz 250 2 stroke cylinder cleaned up. It needs to be bored a little over as there are some pretty deep scratches in it.