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  1. racnfirecapn

    1994 WR250z gas tank swap

    I'm not sure where you are located but I think I have a brand new set of either 93 or 94 YZ250 graphics. Let me know if you're interested I don't have the bike any longer.
  2. racnfirecapn

    1989 CR 250 resto

    I'm somewhat local to them also. I have seen 2 other bikes come from them in similar condition.
  3. racnfirecapn

    GPS, help needed

    Thanks Neilw that is exactly the answer I was looking for. Since it is so cold here in the Carolinas right now I plan to spend the next month or so experimenting with the phone and maps apps to be more proficient with them. I too, like some of the other posters, am an older rider that has gotten by my whole life without them but see the benefit of them for dual sport exploring. A buddy and I many years (30+) ago got terribly lost in one of the national forests here and barely made it back to the truck on premix fumes. I was on a KX500 and he was on a CR250. We had to use a gas cap vent hose to equalize our tanks after i ran out of gas. I do ride alone sometimes now so the sharing of fuel is not an option then. Thanks to all of the posters for all of the valuable information being posted on this subject.
  4. racnfirecapn

    GPS, help needed

    I also have some questions about gps for motorcycling. My Question?? Does anyone know if an older phone (samsung s5 active) that is no longer activated with cell service could be used as a stand alone gps unit. Getting ready to update phones and I'll have my s5 and the wifes note that could be used as a gps unit if it would work. I like the phone maps operability compared to the typical automotive style gps units. If there are any experts on this please let me know.
  5. racnfirecapn

    Bike is almost done! (PICS)

    Bike looks great!! You'll love the bigger brakes. What switch did you end up using? Thanks RacnFireCapn