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  1. valooz

    MX De Nation Live updates

    Great Britain... I just got back from the MXDN!!! Incredible!!! Okay, The USA has some of the fastest Riders in the world, but the French crowd accepted there talent over here, and don't have a go at them. The least you could do is be realistic. Trust me, I was there, and in the last moto, RC WAS checking his back, because Townley wasn't far behind. Apart from that, None of the other riders were clearly superior than any other. The battle was fought to the very end, to the final straight... And, just to be a little annoying, The USA didn't even show up last year.....
  2. valooz

    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    ahhh man.... I found a dealer here who has two of them un reserved in his showroom... I finally just about got the cash... Tomorrow I'm calling and getting mine reserved for next week pick up... I just can't wait....
  3. valooz

    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    only 2000 euros away from my ktm 250 sxf.. should have it by end of october... damn can't wait!!!!!!!!
  4. valooz


    I'm living in France since '95 I'm from a town about an hour from London (UK) originaly Definetly good Forum, even if many seem to have a problem with France( even though I'm not french...
  5. valooz

    MXDN Ernee, France - Need Your Advice

    I'll be at the MXDN, with some friends... We're borrowing a camper van to go, because it's usually raining around that time of year... feel free to PM me if you need any help getting around France, I'd be happy to help any TT members... I can point you to good adresses for cheap travel and accomodation...
  6. valooz

    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    ooooooooh mumma... I want one I want one I want one.... Looks like the end of my 426 is near... I can't wait...!!!
  7. valooz

    my new ride !!!

    Wow... where are you buying your levers??? The replacement lever for the hydraulic clutch costs me 9Euros, about $14, and anyway... don't fall over, ya won't break your lever.. just kidding...
  8. valooz

    Case in the shop.....

    I'd go back and ask for them to show you what the problem is... that way you can see if they're BS'ing you, if your engine is wrapped up in rags in a corner of the workshop, ya know you're screwed...
  9. valooz

    my new ride !!!

    That's cool... My friend has a hydrauic clutch by Yam on his 426 2001 and it's incredible... I've ordered one for mine, which cost me 240 Euros, about $275, but it's definetly worth it.... ByeBye Arm pump!!!!
  10. valooz

    Lets see those YZF's

    Nice bike... I'll get some pics on as soon as I get my new seat cover and decals... By the way, where did you get thet Carbon pipe guard? I've been looking for exactly that for ages...!!! Oh and, HI!!! I'm new and I think I've found the right place to be hanging around... I ride a 2002 426... Hiya'all