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  1. CAW

    Chevrolets are junk!

    I guess I better park my 78 Chev with 250K on it before I burnt it up.
  2. CAW

    Ttr 230 Plated

    Baha designs makes a nice kit that is a plug and play set up. Has all the instructions for included for installation. I installed one on my wifes TTR 125 and it works great.
  3. Try "frame with papers", or slips, something like that??
  4. What part of Idaho will you be riding?
  5. CAW

    TTR 125 Question

    It happens at Full throttle openings but not until the higher RPM's. It did it with the 105 main in it as well, although i think it is a little better. The needle is not adjustible or i would try raising it.
  6. CAW

    TTR 125 Question

    I have been working on the jetting on my wifes TTR. Went with the 17.5 pilot, 110 main, 2 turns on the fuel screw, air box opened up and exhaust opened up a little as well, 2400' elevation, 85 deg. Definitely runs better but it still cuts out a little at higher rpm's. Am i missing something? maybe not rich enough? Do these bikes have a rev limiter? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  7. If you remove the seat and find the connector on the wire from the tail light you will see two wires on one side and three on the other side.(3 wires going from connector to taillight) That third wire is for the brake light. I ended up just using an inline connector to splice into that third wire. For the other wire from the brake switch, there is a connector plugged into the fuse block right buy the battery, i think there is three wires running out of the connector. There is a fourth spot on that connector that i used a non insulated faston connector for the connection, just like the other three wires. Use a test light and make sure it is a hot wire. Hope this helps.
  8. CAW


    I had to carry a couple ounces of an octane boost for my longer rides on my DR, some small town gas stations don't have premium, an ounce or two would help a lot until you can fill up with the good stuff. You can find it at most bike shops, its better than listening to the rattle.
  9. 300 miles on my '06 so far, and after reading what others have on their WR's I should be good for quite few years.
  10. I grew up there also. Good to talk to someone from that area.
  11. Has anyone added a key switch or some way to lock the ignition on the WR's that need to be left in public parking once in a while? I'm thinking of fabbing up a cover to lock the on/off ignition button on my '06 WR. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  12. 39 tomorrow, just about ready for the first oil change on the B-day WR.
  13. Finally, the proud owner of an '06 WR450, picked it up last weekend, still working on the usual new bike stuff, removing all unnecessary ugly warning decals, grey wire, throttle stop,etc.... My question is, does any one know which wire harness i need to use to hook up the brake light actuator? I read about a few of you setting up your bikes for the street so who better to ask? Thanks for the input..
  14. That sounds like the CDA area?