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  1. With Mountain bikes changing the wheels and tires can be a relatively cheap and easy way to shave a few pounds of a bike, is this true with motorcycles?
  2. sgtmadmax I live in So. Cal. I don't think I'll be doing much jumping, I kind of got that whole job, family, house responsibility thing going and I always seem to get hurt when I start jumping, but who knows. I'll have to try that technique for lifting the bike. I never dropped the crf230 when I rode it, so I actually don't know if I'll have a hard time lifting it or not, but that is a good idea to practice.
  3. Thanks for that link velosapien it's definitely full of good info. I already did the hitting the throttle on a bump mistake and the section about when to use the rear brake was something I was wondering about. I'm still not sure about which bike, but thinking of it as a starter bike and not a forever bike sounds like good advice.
  4. My husband rides a 4 stroke and would prefer to only have one type of fuel on our trips, but maybe I'll go to a few shops and look at some 2 strokes just to be fully educated. When I rode the crf230 it felt really good as far as the seat height and the power, and aside from totally sucking with the shifting and stalling it a few times and looking silly and uncoordinated I didn't feel like it was intimidating or too much to handle. My main concern with the weight was getting stuck on a trail because I couldn't turn it around or pick it up or just getting fatigued fast and not riding well because of it. I guess I won't know if some of these things are legitimate concerns until I spend more time riding.
  5. It seems pretty unanimous that the ttr will be too small, but my husband just arranged to borrow one in a few weeks so I'll wait until I give it a try. You guys have been a ton of help and I think I should start working on improving my (lack of) upper body strength since It looks like I will be getting a 230 soon.
  6. I'm leaning toward the crf230, but I sure do wish it was lighter. This is my very basic understanding or the red/green thing: Green sticker bikes are allowed to ride year round. Red sticker bikes are restricted certain times of the year on certain trails.
  7. I did sit on the kdx200.... seemed a bit tall to learn on, I could only touch with my tippy toes on level ground. Are any new two-strokes green sticker I need a green sticker bike.
  8. I've been looking into buying my first bike and I can't decide between the crf230 and the ttr-125le. I'm 5' 6" and about 145lb with gear on. I've been riding Mountain bikes for almost 20yrs, but my only experience on a motorcycle is 20 minutes on a crf230. I didn't have any problem riding the crf230 the size and power seemed fine, but it did seem really heavy. I love riding trails and enjoy technical stuff way more then fast, and I don't think I'll be doing any big jumps. Soooo.... the question is this, which do you guys think would be a better choice the lighter smaller less powerfull ttr-125le or the heavy more powerful crf230. thanks for the help.