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  1. tw200

    Should I Trade???????????

    I have a 07 EX500. I had a TW200 before that. I rode two up on both bikes. You will notice it when your wife is on back, but it is very do-able. I ride two up a lot with my wife and it's not a problem. The EX500 has enough power to ride the highway. The most I've ridden on the higway in one stretch is 50 miles and I would not want to do more than that without a break. It's a great commuter bike. I drive mine to work when the weather is nice. The gas mileage is not so great, I only get around 45 mpg, however I have never ran out of throttle or felt like it was struggling on inclines. Bang for buck it's a great bike and you won't outgrow it as quickly as some larger displacment street bikes. It will run and hide from most cruisers.
  2. tw200

    New here ,have TW200

    There are no mods to increase power.
  3. tw200

    TW200 Questions

    The bike needs more power. I don't like the way the big rear tire behaves in sand. It likes to track straight, I like a tire that will slide in the direction the bike is steered when you slide up on the tank. The low seat hight is great for me at 5'.6". I wouldn't chane the sprocket unless you are going to need to go faster than 50 mph.
  4. tw200

    Positive dealership feedback.....

    I live in Columbia and was disapointed with the metric dealers in the area. I bought my bike from Honda - Kawasaki - Yamaha of Orangeburg. They were very easy do do business with and went out of their way to deliver the bike to me. They are worth the hour drive.
  5. tw200

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    Sounds cool, I'm getting ready to purchase and install some laminate, Any tips on what to look for?
  6. tw200

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    Cricletree, I see you work for a Company that makes flooring. What products do you guys make?
  7. tw200

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    Glad your ok. We looked for you for quite a while. Im beat.
  8. tw200

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    Yea. I' be riding the bike. I'l be coming from Harbison. Lets meet somewhere and ride to the bp. The Bi-lo next to the Honeywell plant, 12:30?
  9. tw200

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    I'll try to make it. Is the bp on the left or right? How far past the airport?Comming from Irmo also. Halfcab did I pass you a few nights ago? You were at the corner of Piney Woods and Broad River. I was on the TW200 with the wife on back.
  10. tw200

    dual sporting in and around columbia

    I'm not sure if I can make it. I have a few things at work and at home I may have to tend to. I will monitor the board to see where and when you guys meet and advise if I can make it.
  11. tw200

    TTR225 XT225 Transmission question

    I'm curious ad to how this works out for you. Keep us posted. Thanks
  12. tw200

    i hear you a knockin'

    Hi Circletree, I'm kind'a new in this forum. I hate that you're down, I'm in your area. There are a few of us in Columbia, maybe when it gets a little cooler a few of us can agree on a ride we can do on the bikes, that doesn't require a truck. 99 was a longtime ago, are you kidding?
  13. My bike is a 2005. It's 8 miles to work, 16 round trip. I work in downtown Columbia S.C. Did you put the counter sprocket on yourself? if so did you have any trouble?
  14. Hondamaint, What size sprockts did you end up using, How did it affect your torque? I have a tw200 with 600 miles on it, I ride it to work almost every day. I've had it for 3 weeks. The interstate scares me at 55.