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  1. Anyone know of a place where I can order custom jerseys? Not just graphics, but also colors and style of the jersey, modern fabric, etc. Thanks!
  2. crc515

    15 YZ250 Boyesen RAD or VForce3 Reed Valve

    do either of these make a big difference over stock? I'm trail riding, single track in the NW, lots of hills and rocks. 2002 with a GYTR flyhweel weight, Procircuit Pipe and Spark Arrestor
  3. crc515

    Baggin Peaks - Let's See Yours

    I'm headed to Bend this coming weekend. IS this dual sport only or in East Fork Rock? or?
  4. crc515

    East Fort Rock camping

    Thanks! We'll be there the weekend after, otherwise would definitely be into this! Is Camp II considered in the middle?
  5. crc515

    Oregon East Fort Rock camping

    Hey everyone, I'm taking a group down to East Fort Rock in May for a weekend of camping and dirtbike riding. Probably about 20 max, tent camping. Would Camp II be a good place for us? We are fine with it being remote and dispersed as opposed to more traditional RV slots to stay in. How much longer of a drive is it to South Lava from Bend? Are there good trails there? We have a mix of experienced and new trail riders (but experienced road riders) Any help is appreciated. Thanks for all the info!
  6. crc515

    1980 CR250 fork oil

  7. crc515

    1980 CR250 fork oil

    or maybe height down from top? and that is springs removed and tubes collapsed like the front is bottomed out?
  8. crc515

    1980 CR250 fork oil

    Can't find my manual and can't find anything online. Anyone know the fork oil capacity and a good weight for this bike? Racing Vintage mx, about 200 lbs with gear. Thanks!
  9. crc515

    Personal YZ250 trail bike project

    Thanks, good idea about the velcro. Does the needle mod require a new throttle cable or anything, or just swap right in?
  10. crc515

    Personal YZ250 trail bike project

    Building up an 02 for this same reason. -clarke tank -Cycra Probend -ProCircuit Nature Friendly/ProCircuit expansion chamber -GYTR flywheel What's next in order of best thing to do for performance and riding? Get suspension valved for my weight and offroad? carb stuff like #8 slide and maybe a JD Kit? Seems the Enduro Engineering skid plate is popular. I was hoping to find a plastic one, but nobody seems to make them anymore, only aluminum. Great thread!
  11. crc515

    2002 yz250 Steahly FWW

    Yep, now I just need to find the GYTR flywheel instead. Are all GYTR flywheels heavier than stock? I have found some GYTR flywheels out on the webs, but sometimes they don't specifically say that they are heavier? And were there different weights for the GYTR flywheels?
  12. crc515

    2002 yz250 Steahly FWW

    I checked out the engine number with a google search. Could only find one site that lists years by engine number and it says it's an '02. G106E-007491 anyone know of a better site to check eying numbers for year? The fame vin checks out as an '02 and matches with he title and paperwork I have. Weird! maybe they did put in an '03 crank, but the bike doesn't look like anyone did much of anything to it.
  13. crc515

    2002 yz250 Steahly FWW

    I have a Steahly FWW for this bike, correct part number 825H. got it from another forum member, and it's in really good shape. I have a 2002 yz250, have the paperwork and checked the vin number. The FWW won't screw on the crank, everything is clean and looks good. So I measured ID of the flywheel bolt, its about 12mm, measured ID of FWW it about 8.5mm. Not sure how good I am at measuring with the caliper, but the bolt ID looks bigger that the FWW as well. What gives? The stock bolt screws on/off just fine, this is a pretty clean bike, I don't think it was ridden that hard during it's life. Did yamaha change to a different crank during 2002? I know that 2002 is different than the other years. Thanks for any help!
  14. crc515

    Flywheel weights

    Sent you an email. Thanks!!!!
  15. crc515

    Flywheel weights

    How would I go about changing to the 03+ style? Change the whole crank? I'd like to get a FWW as well and I've read the GYTR full replacement is best. I think it is only for 03+ though, correct?