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  1. Derekm621

    Trey Canard will win everything because.....

    sorry, gods not real. hes just an imaginary friend made up to give you hope because your a weak person on your own. haha whoaaaaa makin waves
  2. Derekm621

    where is bubba

    sorry about that post above, i didnt check first to see if there was any other posts before it and theres a bunch already talking about it. My bad
  3. Derekm621

    where is bubba

    so who can hold down the MXON title with James out? RC of coarse, RV of coarse, and who is third? Ferry I guess, since kawisawki was already planning on going? Who do you guys think? GO USA!
  4. Derekm621

    Who is your favorite mx rider

    Jeremy McGrath tops the list, pure class. A few other favs are kyle cunningham, bob hannah, jason lawrence, and of coarse james stewart for his ridiculous riding, i couldnt beleive the first time i saw him in the 125 class. Theres an old video on youtube of stewart at elsinore on a 125, if you think youre fast there, watch that video n he'll demoralize the hell of you.
  5. just setup a little kicker ramp about 10 feet away from the bed of your truck and hit it in 1st gear pinned and jump it up into your truck, careful though cuz you dont wanna break your back wind sheild. just take it easy while your getting the hang of it. and when your unloading the bike, just push it over the side rail of your bed and it will fall perfectly to the ground. Your welcome. p.s. or you can just get a ramp and your bike stand and push it in and out of your truck like a man. ill be more detailed, hold the bars of your dirtsicle, push it up the ramp, while doing that step onto your bike stand which is to the side of the ramp as a step up to your bed and then put your arms in the air and claim victory on a job well done!
  6. Derekm621

    Bubba SX only in '08?

    I was unaware i sounded so pissed off, but i guess me using the words "pisses me off" might be a good sign of that. But thats my bad because i didnt really mean to sound like i was super pissed about it, i was just stating my oppinions. you all gotta admit that bigboremaicos post after mine was pretty damn funny though. hahahaha that guy kills me
  7. Derekm621

    Bubba's broken J-Bone

    What amazes me is that they even know how to setup their bike for these long rough tracks. i remember rc said one time that "if you set the bike up for the whoops, it wont work in the corners, so i just go out there and ride the damn bike as hard as i can." or something along those lines, so how can they get it dialed in when every where on the track is different and the setup wont work? i guess its either pick a spot you want your bike setup best in or just get a general comfort feeling for the whole track? cuz it must be impossible to get it right everywhere....or am i totally wrong here?
  8. Derekm621

    Bubba SX only in '08?

    I'd be pissed too, people act like bubba isnt as good outdoors, he KILLS outdoors. He doesnt dominate RC but everyone else he does and he can beat RC but obviously doesnt push to that ridiculous level for no reason because RC is leaving and kawisaki told him he needs titles now and not race wins, which is one reason why hes been much more mature in 07. The only reason bubba hasnt been a shining star outdoors is because of crashes and injuries and also the fact that hes racing the best in the world and how hard is it to look good against the best in the world? i couldnt tell you but i would guess a little bit hard. To me, townley will be a great top 5/top 10 rider, but until he comes out and hangs with bubba, hes just another "Kiwi" trying to do big things. And it pisses me off when people say bubba had nothing for everts when he was injured and not up to speed, but then you can say "oh well townley was injured and not up to speed at MXDN" SO HYPOCRITICAL! If bubba can hang with/beat RC when healthy, and RC "owns" everts, then how can you just dismiss bubba as being compared to Everts or possibly better? Id be curious what rc really thinks on how itd be with Everts, Townley and Stewart. blah blah blah, bottom line, my money would be on stewart who has proved himself worthy in the US, not some Kiwi Hype. Although im being harsh on beleiving townley can hang with stewart, im a fan of townley, and RV and lawrence and basically every rider, i dont hate any except alessi. Townley has sick looking style when he rides and i like that he wears the leatte brace because i think its a no brainer to protect yourself and keep yourself from getting hurt. i must say i do hope to some degree the hype is true because people like Mcgrath, Stewart and RC make racing boring because no one really wants to see a battle for 3rd and fourth when they can see one for first. (how ridiculous is my rambling in this post, gotta love it)
  9. Derekm621

    1 thing that annoys you about that guy.....

    I hate how in interviews all the riders constantly say "You know..." or "for sure, you know..." its like they stopped learning vocabulary when they left elementry school
  10. Derekm621

    Bubba SX only in '08?

    You jock that townley guy way too hard. hes done nothing in the US but won a single lites supercross title... which basically means jack S**T as to how good he'll do in the big boy class. Also your boy everts is over rated with his ten world titles because RC dominated him like no other basically everytime they've raced and wouldve put on a show owning him if everts raced SX or MX in the US or if RC went to race for the World title. also everts did not toy with stewart either if you watched the race at all. Stewart had everything against him in that race. He was still getting back up to speed after many injuries from that motocross season, he was on soil that he was unfarmiliar with being his first race over there, and he'd already crashed so he wasnt confident with pushing hard. Ben townley is nothing to me until he wins a 450 SX or Motocross title against stewart. countless guys win lites titles and do nothing in the 450 class.
  11. Derekm621

    Bubba SX only in '08?

    Thats interesting to say he sucks outdoors when hes the only one to beat ricky in years. Also since he was unbeatable on 125s outdoors. Also, for all you guys talking about ben townley, theres no way he is on the same level as stewart, hes just a top lites rider right now, not super dominate or anything. In order to beat ricky or stewart, you have to be above and beyond amazing otherwise you have no chance. Did ben townley race the MXDN last year? Because stewart owned everyone except everts and i dont even remember hearing anything about townley. Dont go around saying stewart is leaving the outdoors because of some foreigner that just has a lites east coast supercross title. do i have to remind you that all the lites champions after stewart havent been anywhere near his speed in the motocross and supercross class?
  12. Derekm621

    The fight at hangtown

    thanks a lot, great video. i was right there when it happened. the fans kept booing lawrence and cheering for villopoto. its weird to see the usually calm villopoto so gnarly.
  13. Derekm621

    Bubba Jumping Double + Whoops vid?

    oh my bad, i missed reed doing it. but i did hear emig say how no one else did it, so i took that as my fact, thanks emig.
  14. Derekm621

    Bubba Jumping Double + Whoops vid?

    No its not the one at 6 seconds, its the one at 12 seconds. But now that you mention it, the one at 6 seconds is pretty steezie too