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  1. Thought this was a pretty perfect picture i took a few years back for this situation...
  2. bedhead42

    pretty cool fifty vid

    nice share thanks for the video
  3. bedhead42


    does he have gas? i did that once, it would only run with choke LMAO
  4. bedhead42

    Colorado MX school

    i did a 4 day donnie hansen school at his private track next to aztec. and it helped me alot and it was very cool to be taught by the legendary donnie hansen. it is pretty expencive but very worth it.
  5. bedhead42

    new 04 cr125 carb problems

    i have an 04 and i just go by what the manual says and it works great. just bust it out and you should be fine.
  6. bedhead42

    Crf 50

    dang that is about my exact setup at the moment execpt the rev box, how do you like the rev box does it do anything?
  7. bedhead42

    05 crf 50 cylinder question

    sounds good thank you for the info i hope to get mine soon
  8. bedhead42

    50 riders in Denver? or...

    o i havent evan made it over to that section yet i have been a member for like 20 minutes now sorry
  9. hey how about a thread about where riders are from and their favorite places to ride i live in Denver and i love to ride in the mountains mostly rampart range. come on every body share with all of us
  10. bedhead42

    first mod?

    the best first mod for a crf xr 50 is the bars 100% you NEED them
  11. bedhead42


    the pro taper bars ARE very bad ass i have a some on my bike and they feel awsome i would reccomend them.
  12. bedhead42

    05 crf 50 cylinder question

    O and one more thing i have a 2005 and the bbc only says it will go up to 2004 will it work?
  13. bedhead42

    05 crf 50 cylinder question

    hey thanks alot that was a very quick reply. do you run a 88cc tb kit and if you do how do you like it, are they reliable? thank you
  14. hi everyone i have a question about my stock cylinder, can i bore it out to 88cc or do i have to buy a big bore kit? thank you