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    dirt biking!!!,and enything inexpensive that has a board.
  1. sambo808

    brake tapping and engine revving

    Just a quick question, someone mentioned that if you "forgot" to pull in your clutch your bike would stall. Well if your bike stalled in the air what would happen? Would it bump start itself on landing or act as if u were landing with your back brake locked? Just wondering because i have hit my back brake in the air befor, but never with the clutch (unless im clutching and not even noticing) and it has not yet stalled (knock on wood). Thanks Sam.
  2. sambo808

    Port Perry info/open?

    nvm he answered.
  3. sambo808

    Port Perry info/open?

    Thanks awya, i just found a link, he posted on Mxforum.com so it looks like its open, do you by any chance no if i need someone 18 to sign me in? http://www.mxforum.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=21516&highlight=fourwinds+mx
  4. sambo808

    Port Perry info/open?

    hey guys, do any of u have the information for the Port Perry track? I'm trying to get a couple buddys together to go riding this weekend and am wondering about the prices, times, and even if its open:confused: Thanks Sam.
  5. i say #2. I have one, it works good, from what i can tell, its just the shape, stoping the imediate flow of air, as long as you don't grind too much, i think it'l work, but im just a kid so i might be wrong:excuseme:
  6. sambo808

    1 hander pics.

    here's me
  7. hi Dave, thank u for the comments, the problems are, the property isn't really ours, so we don't wanna get machinery out there, so all u saw was built by hand, with shovels, and our ATV with a trailer. About the ramp, yea i no what u mean, it is VERY small, but like i said i built it in shop class, i was restricted to that size, alto its not a small as it seems, my bike can fully fit on it, but the reason i have it at such a small gap, my neighbor and brother wanted to hit it, they didn't want a big distance. also, i burryed the end of it, to lower the slop, so that it didnt pitch my back end, if i backed the ramp up, i would burry the back according to what i thought would work for the distance. thanks again for the comments, ill see what i can do for building bigger landings and ramps, most likely will have to wait till i buy my own land tho:(. And thanks again for your tips at the start of the thread, the rev. 1 ramp will definitely be the next ramp i build.
  8. great post Dave, i have always been a little into the stunting and fmx side of motocross, like at my cottage, im sorta known for my wheelies ( alto in my mind i have LOTS to learn before im happy with them), and i wheelie all the time, endo almost every opportunity, just basically go out, push my self and have fun, like lately i learnt those stand up rolling burnouts, and learnt to do donuts in them, stuff like that, stuff like standing on my seet riding wheelies, standing off my seet, jumping off the back, landing grabbing my back fender, and jumping back on, just every little thing i can think of to push my self further while riding around my cottage road, ill do. Last year in shop they gave me a project, build something for your self, i built a wooden mx ramp ( didn't have any steel). its not that big of a ramp, and really goonish, but for me it works. I do try to be as safe as possible tho, this year i went out, worked a bit bye our little grass track and build somesort of landing, not very high or wide or anything, but its on a hill, so its enough of a incline to stop the flat landing effect. the second i started jumping i got rite back into it ( last year i was jumping a bit, i had it set up in our sand pit... not a grate idea:bonk: ) i started doing no footers, no handers, no hander landers, tricks like u had mentioned, just trying to work my way up, but as u said again, whips are alot harder than they look, ive twisting the bars will only do so much, considering i have a short amount of time, i cant get that much whip, but i still wanted to no how to, so when i do get the chance i could do them, i tried giving gas while im trying to bring it out, it helps, but after looking at my pics, doesn't look like im going very far at all lol. bye the way i only ride a motocross track once a year, so i dont have that much air time, alto air is something i LOVE on my bike, and get it w.e i can. if u have any tips, they would be greatly appreciated, thanks. and sorry for the long story.
  9. sambo808

    02 yz250f Reviews?

    yea i say get the 250, i love mine. yea i have some pics, heres a couple, i dont have any new ones of the just the bike, so u get sorta action pics, because the look has changed from the first pic.
  10. sambo808

    02 yz250f Reviews?

    hi, i have a 02 250f, the bike hase never had any problems, i love it, tones of power, contends, and maybe beets our 05 for power, and put it this way, to this day, it hasnt had any work done to the top end, and the valves are still within spec.
  11. sambo808

    yz250f maintenance

    i have a 02yz250f, i bought it used ( it was babied), rode it all last season, checked my valves in the winter, and they were perfect so i changed nothing. I'm a weekend rider, and i ride trails, but i still ride pretty hard, so every 2 months or so, depending on how many weekends i get on it, i change my oil. I'm not gonna change my valves or anything until they look like the need changing, now I'm not saying u should do this, because i don't no if what I'm doing is right, but all i no is my yz250f runs better than my step dads 05yz250f. i hope this helped u, please someone tell me if what I'm doing is terrible or something:P sAm
  12. sambo808

    Lets see those street bikes

    OMG, your soo lucky:worthy: how much is the insurance? im about to turn 16 and i would love to get an r6, but apperently insurrance is just stupid.
  13. sambo808

    Hot start relocator

    hey, sorry im not sure about the relocator, but how much was it to make the bike auto. decompression, or is the decompression lever still there?
  14. i honestly hope he isn't retiring the sport, i no he's good at rally, but he's the BEST at FMX and a great threat to mostly everything else dirt bike related, all u bashers just are pissed off because he has a gift and is good at almost everything he tries, and u arnt.
  15. sambo808

    how much gas

    i have a 02 yz250f, and i think i calculated and can get 100k/m on one tank of gas, we go for rides every weekend and a 2.5 hour ride (30 minutes for a brake) is nothing, we have done 6 hour rides, with maybe a hour or two worth of brakes, now im not on the throttle 24/7 but i am on it ALOT, i say you'll be fine and will have about a quarter tank of gas left. if you run out, i apologize sAm.